[Dragon's Destiny: Fated Mates 01.0] Heat by Wolf Specter

[Dragon's Destiny: Fated Mates 01.0] Heat by Wolf Specter

Author:Wolf Specter [Specter, Wolf]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance
Goodreads: 27066013
Publisher: Wolf Specter
Published: 2015-10-08T06:00:00+00:00


~ Dane ~

I carried the steaming mug of chai tea in to my mate, setting it on the nightstand next to the bed where he slept. He opened his eyes sleepily, breathing in the sweet cinnamon smell of his favorite drink. I loved watching his face during little moments of pleasure.

“How do you always know what I want before I do?” he asked, sitting up with a smile.

“You’re my mate. Of course I do.” I pushed his floppy bangs out of his face, using it as an excuse to touch him. I sat down on the bed next to him and he leaned into my hand like a cat, his closeness stirring me as it did every time.

Wesley reached for his chai, contentedly letting one hand rest on his curved belly. The swelling from the child within him increased daily. Dragons grew quickly, but in the two months I’d had him here I’d mastered the art of ignoring it.

It was harder to ignore what it was doing to him, though.

Human bodies weren’t designed to carry our young, and my heart clenched as I took in the dark circles under his eyes and the hollows in his cheeks. I squeezed my eyes closed for a moment, trying to avoid the memory of what had been left of the emaciated human who had carried Maksim’s brother.

As it grew, the babe would take and take and take, until there wasn’t enough left to sustain my mate’s life.

“Really, Dane,” he said now, oblivious to where my thoughts had gone. “How do you do it? I swear half the time you’re handing me something before I even realize I need it.”

“You’re my mate,” I repeated. “When my dragon claimed you, he bonded us together.”

“Bonded?” my treasure asked, his eyes brightening.

I tapped my temple. “I can sense you. All the time.”

Wesley’s eyes widened, and then he closed them and puckered his lips into a kissable little pout. His concentration face. I felt a subtle pressure, like a gentle caress against my mind.

“I think… I can sense you, too. How did I not notice before?” he asked, leaning towards me eagerly.

I shrugged. Dragons could mate without bonding, and most did. I hadn’t been sure how the mating bond would affect a human. I didn’t even know much about how it affected me.

Forming the bond had been an instinct driven by my other self, and at first, when I’d left Wesley, I’d done my best to ignore it. Now it had become a familiar undertone that I welcomed, but didn’t really think about. I’d never met another bonded dragon, and as much as I’d distanced myself from my own kind over the years, there had never been an opportunity — or need — to find out more about this part of my dragon nature.

“The day you came back… is this how you knew that Brent — my ex — had come by?” my treasure asked.

I nodded, snarling under my breath at the memory of another man trying to claim my mate.


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