Abe (Marked Skulls MC Book 3) by Savannah Rylan

Abe (Marked Skulls MC Book 3) by Savannah Rylan

Author:Savannah Rylan [Rylan, Savannah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pink Empire Publishing
Published: 2018-06-20T05:00:00+00:00

I was in the sauces aisle, picking out new stock from boxes and arranging them on the shelves. It wasn’t the most exciting work, but it was exactly what I needed—something mechanical and routine, something I could do without having to think too much. I needed my brain to go numb, I needed the distraction from Abe and Oz.

My brother had finally done what I’d been wanting him to do for years. He had gotten out of bed early in the morning, even before I had a chance to leave my bedroom. I heard the front door shut when I stepped out, and I found a half eaten cheese sandwich on the kitchen table.

I should have been happy knowing that maybe Oz was finally beginning to develop good habits, but I couldn’t get rid of that itching feeling that he had only gotten up that early because he had to meet Abe. Abe was making him do it.

I’d been thinking about Abe all night, he was stuck in my head and no matter how hard I tried; I couldn’t get him out of there. I hadn’t said a word to him after we had sex and he said nothing either. It was like we had both mutually felt it, this weird spark. Like it could possibly be more than just sex; that it was more than just each other’s bodies that we needed.

For my part, I knew what it was that was drawing me to him. I felt safe around him, no matter how strongly I believed that his life was dangerous—I knew that if he was there, nothing was going to happen to me. He also knew how to make me feel noticed, like I was more than just a redheaded girl working in a supermarket. He looked at me like I might have something more to offer the world and it was an addictive feeling. I couldn’t wait for the next time that he would look at me.

But Abe was not that kind of guy. Even if he felt that spark and connection between us last night; he was not the sort of man who was looking for anything other than sex. He wasn’t like Joshua.

What he really wanted, was Oz, and I happened to be a side distraction, a play-thing in his hands.

I shook my head. The point of taking on this task of arranging the bottles of sauces on these shelves was so that I could stop thinking about everything, especially Abe.

I turned away from the shelf and bent down to pick out two more bottles from the box, and I saw three pairs of boots in front of me. I looked up slowly to find three men crowded around the box, glaring down at me.

At first I thought that these guys were from Abe’s MC. They had the same look; leather jackets, tattoos, muscular, shaved heads. But there was definitely something different about them. Abe and his friends had seemed to be less threatening, the more I stared at these men in silence, the more afraid I was of them.


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