All That Glistens by Pelaam

All That Glistens by Pelaam

Author:Pelaam [Pelaam]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Sixteen

While Hanne, Amand, Citlali, and Muraco discussed strategies around strengthening their alliance and dealing with Lonato, Taima’s job was to pass on the plans made thus far to the others. He also had a special job entrusted to him to surprise Citlali.

With a skip in his step, Taima left the citadel and headed toward the stables. He and Hanne would accompany Citlali back to the palace. Muraco would stay with Amand as he needed more time for his leg to heal, and the twins would also stay at Amand’s citadel, along with Muraco and Namid.

There were several small homes not far from the stables, and Taima was guided by the sound of Naira’s laughter long before he saw her. Turning a corner, Taima stopped and stared.

In all the time Taima had known Naira, she’d never shown any kind of domesticity. Naira had always been, by far, the more tomboyish. She’d always been determined to show she was the equal of any Fey male, and she was as good a rider and swordswoman as any man Taima knew. But here, along with Ada and a male Duende to rival Hanne for size, she was helping wash linens.

While Ada washed the sheets in a huge tub, Lutz wrung them out in his huge hands, and, amidst much laughter, Naira hung them up to dry. Then she caught sight of him and waved.

“Taima! How are you?” Naira called out, and Taima galvanized his feet into moving. “This is Lutz. He’s Ada’s son. We’ve taken some time away from the stable to help with the washing. Rayen is still there, though. We try and spend time each day with Namid. She’s really improving now, and she helps Menno with the horses.”

“That’s wonderful.” It was a huge relief to Taima to know Namid was recovering. “I know Citlali would like to spend more time with Namid, but she’s so busy and knows Namid is well cared for by you and Rayen. She and I intend to return home in a couple of days. She wants me to let you know her plans.”

“Rayen and I will go with you, of course.” Naira instantly became serious.

“Then I go too.” Lutz took a couple of steps forward, glaring down at Taima.

“You can’t.” Naira looked up at Lutz. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I won’t leave you.” Lutz snaked out his tail and wrapped it around Naira’s waist.

“You and Rayen are staying here.” Taima wanted to defuse the growing tension quickly. “Only Citlali, Hanne, and I will return. Citlali sent a letter to Lonato that you and Rayen, as well as Muraco and Namid, needed time to heal. This way, unbeknownst to him, she has you to count on.”

“Why can’t she just denounce Lonato? He must be our enemy. It all makes sense now.” Naira uttered a huff of frustration.

“It makes sense, yes, but we have no proof.” Taima shook his head. “There is nothing to tie him in with anything. If Citlali sends him away and he is innocent, she will have failed as a ruler.


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