Alpha's Destiny: An MM Shifter MPreg Romance (Texas Heat Book 1) by Aspen Grey

Alpha's Destiny: An MM Shifter MPreg Romance (Texas Heat Book 1) by Aspen Grey

Author:Aspen Grey [Grey, Aspen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-23T16:00:00+00:00



My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty as I gripped the steering wheel as I drove toward Austin. I was in my car, with Preston following behind me in Frank’s truck. He was coming just to make sure nothing went wrong, but this plan relied on both of us.

“Evidence, evidence, evidence,” I muttered as I spotted the sign for my exit. “We need evidence.”

I was headed back to R7 to find Jasper. If he wasn’t there, someone would know how to find him. The idea was to convince him, hopefully, that I was ready to jump ship and leave Preston and be with him. After that, get him to admit to trying to roofie either of us, record his confession on my cell phone, and bring it to the cops.

That was the plan at least.

It was a long shot, and we both knew that, but what other choice did we have? Jasper’s father would buy the land, kick us out and we’d have nothing. I barely had enough money to get myself started up in Boston, let alone support us both. And with our baby on the way, our backs were against the wall.

Preston’s headlights in my rearview were comforting. I was right on the verge of freaking out, but knowing he was with me was the only thing keeping me from totally losing it. Even if all else failed, and I completely blew my performance in front of Jasper, Preston would be there to save me.

I pulled off the highway and retraced my route back to the bar. I felt like I was taking a step backwards and couldn’t help but relive the old emotions I’d brought with me the last time I was there.

The feelings of loss, missing my family, feeling alone, needing someone to hold me. Those negative feelings had led me to R7 in the first place, and to all the problems we were caught up in now.

But they also led me to Preston! I reminded myself. There’s no good without bad, and this was a shining example of that. Preston was the light of my life, but Jasper was a terrible, black cloud hanging over us, doing everything to extinguish the sun. But we would fight this together. And we would win.

I pulled my car into the lot across the street from R7. The usual crowd was out front, talking, smoking, laughing and making comments to the guys heading inside. Preston was going to park by Evening Glory again so no one would see us together. It was my job to head inside and find Jasper.

I wished I could smell Preston, just once before I went inside, but I’d made sure to wash as much of his scent off of me as I could, and rubbed myself with lavender scented body lotion to try and overpower whatever was left. Jasper wouldn’t expect me to be completely devoid of his scent, but would be suspicious if I was just dripping with it.

Trying to calm myself down, I gritted my teeth and summoned up as much determination as I could muster.


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