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epub |eng | 2012-09-20 | Author:R. W. Whitefield - FF [FF, R. W. Whitefield -]

* * * After the bar shut, they made their way by cab to Dave’s flat where the drinking continued. Dave, if he’d been on his own, would have dived ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |nld | 2010-12-31 | Author:Clive Cussler [Cussler, Clive]

33 Giordino zag het donkere silhouet van het jacht over zich heen flitsen en kwam op een paar meter van de boei, met het lijk van Iverson in een stevige ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |nld | 0101-01-01 | Author:Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler [Cussler, Clive]

23 Uit de radio aan de muur klonk het signaal dat er een bericht binnenkwam, gevolgd door de stem van de beller. De gierende wind op de achtergrond dempte de ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub, mobi | | 2010-03-07 | Author:Kristine Kathryn Rusch [Rusch, Kristine Kathryn]

( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |eng | 2014-02-14 | Author:Sexxa Kohl [Kohl, Sexxa]

She is so lost in thought that she doesn’t even notice that I’m following her. Settling into my car, I continue observing her from a safe distance. Adjusting my sunglasses, ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub, mobi |eng | 2011-04-14 | Author:Archer, Jeffrey [Archer, Jeffrey]

Mitchell was feeding Rosie when he arrived. Hugo walked slowly across, leant on the railing and pretended to take an interest in the Indian elephant that Bristol Zoo had recently ...
( Category: Family Saga March 25,2014 )
epub | | 2013-06-26 | Author:Epilog

THAT night Charley Porter lay in his bed in the little lake-shore cabin, staring into the darkness, trying to understand how it must have been for Cooper Jackson, lying there ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |eng | 2012-01-08 | Author:Bloody Sunrise [Sunrise, Bloody]

I hurry onward, hurry down the street while paper ghosts, old printouts, dog my heels, and hear him patter like a market man: Not twenty not eighteen not fifteen Cost ...
( Category: Teen & Young Adult March 25,2014 )
epub |eng | 2011-07-27 | Author:InterWorld [InterWorld]

It was like watching a ripple that started in the beacon Jo held—a ripple that spread outward in all directions, washing over everything in its path—including us. I felt nothing ...
( Category: Science Fiction March 25,2014 )
epub |nld | 2012-10-23 | Author:Carrington, Lucinda

( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |nld | 2012-08-20 | Author:Carrington, Lucinda

( Category: other March 25,2014 )
epub |nld | 2012-01-20 | Author:Peter Cheyney [Cheyney, Peter]

1 van het vasteland en die er, heel wonderbaarlijk, in slaagt tot hoofdstuk twintig te komen zonder dat ze verleid wordt.’ Bellamy lachte. ‘Zo iets is het helemaal niet,’ zei ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2013-08-08 | Author:Medina, Marie [Medina, Marie]

Chapter Four Fredric had expected lots of things when he was awakened before sunrise, but a priest was not one of them. The surprisingly handsome man looked very distressed as ...
( Category: other March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub |eng | 2011-12-15 | Author:Dorsey, Tim [Dorsey, Tim]

Chapter Nine MR. DAVENPORT Serge jumped up. “What’s the matter with Jim? What kind of problem?” Coleman pointed back in the general direction of the living room. “You need to ...
( Category: Humor March 25,2014 )
mobi, epub | | 2010-06-23 | Author:Sanderson, Brandon [Sanderson, Brandon]

Chapter 27 The Tipsy Gelding * * * Mat didn't escape the camp without the Aes Sedai, of course. Bloody women. He rode down the ancient stone roadway, no longer ...
( Category: Epic March 25,2014 )

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