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epub |eng | 2013-08-08 | Author:Vaughn, Indra [Vaughn, Indra]

“He can come home with me,” Robin said, before Tyler had a chance to speak. “I’ll wake him during the night.” “Excellent.” The doctor smiled, closing the file. “At the ...
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epub, mobi |eng | 2012-12-21 | Author:James Swallow [Swallow, James]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR James Swallow is a New York Times bestselling author whose stories include the Horus Heresy novels Nemesis, Fear to Tread and The Flight of the Eisenstein, along ...
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epub, mobi |eng | 2011-01-01 | Author:Jeffrey Archer [Archer, Jeffrey]

Chapter 17 THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was nailed to the wall behind him. Saddam continued puffing at his cigar as he lounged back in his chair. All of them seated ...
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epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Leahy, John F. [Leahy, J. F.]

Division 005 recruits, photographed in the forward area of the male berthing space in Compartment D-01. The recruits worked together in this compartment when the division was gender integrated. Standing: ...
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epub |eng | 0100-12-31 | Author:Patterson, James [Patterson, James]

Chapter 63 HALF KIDDING, DAN warned her about it on the ride back from the White House. “Look out for the letdown,” he said. “The what?” asked Sarah. “The letdown,” ...
( Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | 0100-12-31 | Author:Patterson, James [Patterson, James]

Chapter 64 I DIDN’T WASTE any time. After I hung up with Susan I dialed Nora on her cell. She didn’t answer. I left a message and was sure to ...
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epub |nld | 2012-06-21 | Author:Wassmo, Herbjørg [Wassmo, Herbjørg]

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mobi |eng | 2012-05-04 | Author:James Rockwell & Simple Self-Sufficiency

Roof – Use the roof to collect water. Consider material carefully. Metal that has been treated with non-toxic coating is best. Gutters – Here’s where the rainwater first collects. Again, ...
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mobi, epub |eng | 2008-12-12 | Author:Whelan, Gloria [Whelan, Gloria]

eight I suppose part of me had known all along. The thought had been waiting like a scorpion at the edge of my mind. Now it stung me, and I ...
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epub |eng | 2012-12-07 | Author:Scarlet Blackwell [Blackwell, Scarlet]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Scarlet likes cats and hats and firmly believes that the only thing better than one attractive man is two attractive men. Email: [email protected] Webpage: Blog: ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Unknown

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epub, mobi | | 2010-03-07 | Author:Kristine Kathryn Rusch [Rusch, Kristine Kathryn]

DEBRIEFING By now you have probably become pretty good at personal history writing. By the way, if you are working on a given stage and suddenly remember something from a ...
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epub | | 2010-03-07 | Author:Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore [Kuttner, Henry & Moore, C. L.]

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epub |eng | 2013-07-24 | Author:Metal, Scarlett [Metal, Scarlett]

“Maybe,” Lance said. “But I don’t really want to talk to her and she was pissed about it. Who you are with isn’t my business and I’m not thrilled with ...
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epub |eng | 2011-03-20 | Author:Seymour, Gerald [Seymour, Gerald]

11 "How are we this morning, Mr Furniss?" Nothing to say. Mattie took in the greater heat in the airless cellar. "The doctor came, yes?" Nothing to say. It was ...
( Category: Action & Adventure March 24,2014 )