Broken Kingdom (The Winter Court Chronicles Book 2) by Stephany Wallace

Broken Kingdom (The Winter Court Chronicles Book 2) by Stephany Wallace

Author:Stephany Wallace [Wallace, Stephany]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: S.W. Creative Publishing co
Published: 2018-04-26T16:00:00+00:00


* * *

The power exuded out of me almost effortlessly. The soft wave of air caused by the energy, fanned Avrielle’s hair as she slept beside me.

A week had passed since she returned to my side, yet she still hadn’t met the Dragon Lord. He disappeared the moment she arrived, and after Ora assisted removing the magic blocking bracelets from Avrielle, I had spent all my time with her, to help her recover from what she had gone through. Avra’s instructions had been clear, hold her, be there for her, make love to her, and so I had. Not that he needed to tell me that, all I wanted from the second I felt her in my arms again, was to make her mine and reassure her of our connection.

Yet the moment I was with her, I realized that something had changed between us. Our bond had evolved, deepened and just as Avra had suggested my mere presence had helped her heal. I was her mate, but I hadn’t realized how much that entailed until now. We fed from each other’s energy, and complemented the other in a way that was both remarkable and frightening. I was always aware that hurting the mate of a man could weaken him; it was what the Summer Court had attempted by attacking my mother. Nevertheless, I didn’t fully understand it until now. I had felt Avrielle’s terror and pain as though it were my own, yet it wasn’t until being with her again that I sensed the power that she brought me, and I her.

Perhaps it was something that ensued the more in tuned we became with each other, after she opened up to me, but I felt it in her as she healed mentally and physically. The marks that once scarred her face were gone when I made love to her again. Her skin cleared as though nothing had ever happened, as though the Dark King hadn’t gagged her, treating her like an animal. I would never forget what he had done to her, though. And with Avra as my witness, I would seek retribution.

I loved Avrielle more than anything in this realm and no one, no one, had the right to hurt her. Especially not the Dark King.

I took a calming breath and kissed her lips gently as she stirred in the bed. Her emotional wounds were taking a bit longer but she was much better now, I could feel it in her essence, and the bond that connected us. She hadn’t cried anymore, and I swore I would do anything in my power for that never to happen again.

I had also continued my training, although from this room, and was now able to project myself into the Dragon Lord’s mind like he did mine. He was much too powerful for me though, and blocked me from reading his thoughts, but I could still speak to him through the connection we had formed. He used it to check on Avrielle, making sure she was well, and to tell me my brothers had left the castle and come to see me.


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