Charming the Highlander Laird (Highland Warrior) (Scottish Medieval Romance) by Verlin Underwood

Charming the Highlander Laird (Highland Warrior) (Scottish Medieval Romance) by Verlin Underwood

Author:Verlin Underwood [Underwood, Verlin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Eatan Publishing House
Published: 2017-12-12T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 13

They kept the fire going into the night. It was too cold not to, despite the flames being a potential beacon, alerting anyone nearby to where they were camping.

At one point a small storm passed through, extinguishing the small fire and sending a chill that cut straight to the bone. Colin gathered up birch and fir branches and took a long time trying to get it started again, but the wood was cold and wet.

“Say, you don’t have some sort of magic for starting a fire, do you?” he asked hopefully.

“If only,” Tara replied, smiling, although she was feeling nervous for what she was about to do. Baldric had overheard her talking about shifting and declared that he wanted to watch, too. He looked like a small bear as he sat bundled in Colin’s fur cloak, his uncanny eyes reflecting in the dim light.

“Aha! Finally!” Colin elatedly cried. The fire caught, and he started blowing on it to create a larger flame. Colin then threw some more sticks in the pit, and the fire ignited further. He sat down next to the boy and stretched out his long legs.

“I think it’s best if we give her some privacy,” Colin told Baldric. “Why don’t we find something to do in the meantime?”

“Nay, it’s quite all right,” she assured them. “I want to be under the pressure so that I can learn to change at any time, people or no people around.”

“If you are certain.”

“I am certain.” Tara’s hands were cold, so she held them out to catch the heat from the flames. Can I do this? she wondered nervously. Colin and Baldric’s eyes were on her, waiting with curious interest.

“I will change into a raven,” Tara declared to them and closed her eyes. What were the qualities of a raven? Their feathers were glossy black, almost shimmering blue under the moonlight. They had long, curved beaks and beady, intelligent eyes. Their talons were black and blended into the rest of their dark bodies. And the distinguishing caw that they let out could pierce the silence of the night and make tiny animals scurry for cover.

Ah, yes.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself flying high above the trees with the same feeling of exhilaration she had when she was a bat. She looked excitedly down at Colin and Baldric, who stared back up at her with wide eyes and mouths hanging open.

I’ve done it! Tara thought. And it was quicker and easier than ever before!

The raven was much more of a graceful creature than the bat. She had no need to beat her wings erratically. Instead, she glided effortlessly through the tops of the fir trees. She ascended so high that she could see the smoke and orange glow of the flames licking the countryside of Lothian. So close, yet far. She would put a stop to this before any more destruction reached Scotia. That was for certain. She would find a way.

She flew farther north to scan the countryside, but all lay dark before her.


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