Convergence by TurtleMe

Convergence by TurtleMe

Author:TurtleMe [TurtleMe]
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Chapter 118: The Glass Of Water

“So it’s true.” I turned my head to see Myre leaning against the entryway. “You truly have inherited Realmheart…” The asura’s voice was both solemn and sentimental as it trailed off.

“Excuse me? Realmheart?” I echoed as she approached me with slow steps.

“The physical manifestations displayed from you tapping into Sylvia’s powers, My Dear— the iris glowing purple and those unmistakable glowing runes imprinted on the body. Even within the clan, it is rare. Realmheart—or The Realmheart Physique—is an ability that only the Indrath Clan bloodline can possess. Tell me, Child, were you able to see them?” the asura pressed as her eyes stayed glued to the faint markings which continued to fade from my arms.

Myre reached out and tenderly ran her fingers along the runes. “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. See what?” I replied, snapping her out of her daze.

“Were you able to see all five of the colors that make up the physical realm?” The asura had an expression I couldn’t quite make out as she awaited my answer.

I thought back to the array of colors that floated around me while in my second phase. “I think so...”

“The Realmheart Physique was named by the ancestors of the Indrath Clan because, in this form, the user’s attunement with the physical realm is said to be unparalleled. While the ability itself does not hold much strength, the power to activate Realmheart allows the user to gain knowledge and insight that those without could never hope to have,” Myre explained. “Which goes to say that knowledge truly is power.”

I reflected back to when I had first used Realmheart against the elderwood guardian. I had assumed that the form was a just a power boost, allowing me to gain access to more mana, but from what Myre had just explained to me, it seemed like using Realmheart actually just allow me to utilize mana with much more efficiency. “There is one thing I don’t quite understand. When I used the second phase—Realmheart—last time, I was only able to see four colors. Why am I now able to see the purple particles?”

Myre pondered for a moment.

“Are you not allowed to tell me about this as well? It seems like none of the asuras want a lesser being learning their techniques and secrets,” I sighed, disappointed.

“Mmm, we asuras are prideful beings indeed. Even amongst the members of the same race, we asuras stay secretive and greedy, the Indrath Clan particularly so.” Myre chuckled for a bit then gave me an inquisitive look. “I won’t say that I’m different from all of them, but I’ve lived long enough and experienced far too much to care about such frivolousness. If you’ll be content with an old lady like me, I’ll be happy to teach you a thing or two.”

I honestly didn’t expect her to go as far as offering to teach me, but taking no chances, I immediately bobbed my head in consent before she could change her mind.

“Good! Now… practical


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