Dauntless (Lawless Saga Book 4) by Tarah Benner

Dauntless (Lawless Saga Book 4) by Tarah Benner

Author:Tarah Benner [Benner, Tarah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Blue Sky Studio, LLC
Published: 2017-12-17T07:00:00+00:00



Lark awoke the next morning with the feeling that her skin had suddenly grown too small for her body. It was dry and cracked in places and badly burned from the fire.

Before she’d gone to sleep, Bernie had come to the room with some kind of magic salve that Starlight had made. She’d slathered it all over Lark’s face and arms as she gushed on and on about Simjay’s kiss.

Normally, Lark would have gagged as Bernie described Simjay’s body, scent, and kissing style, but that night, Lark hadn’t minded. She’d spent those last few minutes in the pantry tormented by the thought that she might never see Bernie, Soren, or Simjay again, and hearing her friend’s familiar voice had been like a balm to her wounds.

That morning, though, the memory of Bernie’s dreamy smile and her not-so-PG descriptions of what she wanted to do with Simjay made Lark feel a little sick to her stomach. The magic salve had helped, but she still felt as though she were made of crumpled tissue paper that could tear in half with one wrong move.

Suddenly, Lark felt something rough and wet slide across her face. It started gently around her temples and then squelched down her left cheek.

“Ughhh,” Lark groaned, feeling for Denali’s hairy chest and gently pushing him away.

“He’s happy you’re safe,” rumbled a voice to Lark’s left.

Lark gave a start and opened her eyes. Soren was lying beside her on the bed. He was resting with his head propped up on one elbow, and for a moment, Lark wondered if she was dreaming.

“Are you all right?” he asked in a husky voice. He bent closer to examine her, and Lark nearly gasped when she saw that a good three or four inches of his face was covered in burns.

“Am I all right?” Lark croaked, sitting up with a wince. She felt as though she’d been in a nasty car wreck, but then she remembered her struggle with Gideon. “What about you?”

“I’m all right,” said Soren, forcing a grin for Lark’s benefit.

“No, you’re not.”

Soren shrugged, but it looked as though it hurt. “Trust me . . . After what I went through last night . . .” He shook his head. “This is nothing.”

“You saved me,” Lark whispered, rolling over and positioning her body on top of his. His chest was burned and covered in bandages, so she was careful to avoid direct contact.

“Of course I did,” he murmured.

Lark sniffed. She could feel tears stinging in her eyes, but she didn’t want to cry. She’d cried plenty the night before — half out of sheer relief and half from horror when she’d seen the shape that Soren was in. She knew he had to be in an extreme amount of pain, but he’d endured it all to save her life.

“You could have been killed,” she whispered.

“No, you could have been killed,” said Soren. “You almost were.”

“But I wasn’t,” Lark choked. “Because of you.”

For a second, they just stared at each other. Soren’s


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