Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies.pdf by Zia McVay

Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies.pdf by Zia McVay

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Chapter 17: Choosing Spells


Spell selections for other characters

Three other character classes are spellcasters

on the druid list and can customize his or

from the get-go: the bard, the druid, and the

her picks every day. However, druids don’t

wizard. Here are a few quick tips for spell selecuse domains, and they can’t spontaneously tion if you choose to play a character of one of

convert to healing spells. Instead, they can

these classes:

lose prepared spells to cast summon nature’s

ally spells, so your character always has an

ߜ Bard: Your character learns spells like the

offensive option to fall back on. The druid’s

sorcerer — you choose a small number of

best 1st-level spells are cure light wounds,

spells that your character knows, but he or

charm animal, produce flame, and speak with

she can use them any time he or she has spell


slots available. As a 1st-level bard, your character only knows 0-level spells: We suggest ߜ Wizard: Your character begins with a small

choosing daze, detect magic, mage hand, and

subset of the 0-level and 1st-level sorread magic. At 2nd level, your character gains cerer/wizard spells in his or her spellbook.

access to 1st-level bard spells, which are

Each day, he or she prepares spells from

much more interesting. You get to choose two

the spellbook. Good 1st-level spells to have

of these for your character; disguise self and

in your character’s spellbook include charm

sleep are pretty good choices.

person, mage armor, magic missile, shield,

and sleep.

ߜ Druid: Your character uses spells like the

cleric — he or she has access to all the spells

210 Part II:Building a D&D Character

Use domain spells and bonus spells to pick up some miscellaneous defenses, such as resist energy and shield of faith. Your cleric can easily share these spells with fellow adventurers, and the efficient distribution of magical power from clerics and sorcerers to rogues and fighters is one of the secret success strategies for the game.

A number of cleric domains lend themselves to the battle caster spell loadout. Some of the better ones include Death, Destruction, Fire, Good, Sun, and Water. (Water is especially sneaky; few players recognize how good its spells are at higher levels, because no one ever takes the Water domain.)


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