Easy Does It Twice (Till There Was You Book 1) by Gianni Holmes

Easy Does It Twice (Till There Was You Book 1) by Gianni Holmes

Author:Gianni Holmes [Holmes, Gianni]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 21


“Beau, Beau wake up, honey. You’re scaring me.”

I shuddered out of my nightmare to find myself in Gordon’s arms. My heart thudded so hard it hurt. My face was tear-soaked, and I was trembling. It was too much for me now. I broke down, burrowing closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his chest. The tears I had worked so hard to hold back for the past four days found release.

“It’s okay,” he mumbled. “You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

I could feel how much he had me. Since his friend had handcuffed me and beaten the crap out of me four days ago, he was always around. I had taken the days off from work with a note from the doctor to give my ribs time to heal. His kids were back at school, but he’d left someone named Glenna in charge at his trucking business so that he could be at my beck and call. Because he was always around, I rarely ever had the chance to relax and let it out alone. I pretended everything was okay because I didn’t want to alarm him. But everything was far from fine.

The nightmares were back. Before Gordon shook me awake, I had been back in England, Ian’s hands around my neck, as I lay broken and bleeding. I thought I was over it but not. It had been so real. Instead of Gordon’s love, what I had felt was my fear, and all because his friend had reminded me what it meant to be helpless and broken before another person.

I hated myself for being so weak. I should be tougher than this. I’d tried to be tougher, so Gordon didn’t have to question what was wrong with me. Maybe it was finally time he learned the truth. The whole truth. While I’d never faced the discrimination I had from Eric, I had felt fear and hatred from the man I had loved at the time.

Eventually, I calmed down enough for the tears to stop. I lay against him spent while he stroked my back. The bandage had been removed from my ribs which were healing just fine. My face was almost back to normal as well, and tomorrow I would be showing up for work. Afterward, I’d work vigorously with the drama group at the community center to make up for the days we had missed. Physically everything seemed to be healing, but it was inside that was broken.

“You were screaming,” Gordon whispered, dropping a kiss on my forehead. “Want to talk about it?”

I sighed and moved away from him to lie on my back. “Turn off the lights.”


“Please. I’ll feel less naked talking to you about it.”

He sighed but complied and turned off the bedside lamp. He lay back down next to me, feeling between us for my hand. I never knew how much I needed that touch until he did it. It was amazing how thoughtful he could be.

“I know I’ve said this like a dozen times since it happened,” he whispered in the dark.


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