Foss by Pelaam

Foss by Pelaam

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: gay romance
Publisher: MLR Press LLC
Published: 2016-10-11T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter five

Making sure to look his best, Zander didn’t bother with a meal in any of the local restaurants. Instead he went straight to Foss’s bar. There seemed little point eating anywhere else, especially when—even after knowing Foss for just twenty-four hours—Zander wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

At such an early hour, there was no doorman, and Zander went straight through to get a table where he’d have a good view of Foss when he performed later that evening. Even though just a couple of hours had passed since they were last together, Zander already missed Foss’s company.

Selecting steak from the menu, Zander settled with a glass of wine to watch a young, female singer perform. According to Foss the early evening acts—like himself—were amateur performers, those looking to get their first big break. Foss had assured Zander that he wasn’t looking to make a name for himself as a performer. He just heralded the shift from the unpaid to paid performers and enjoyed the opportunity to play.

The singer tonight was a young woman who looked as if she was imitating Lorde. Long dark hair hung over her shoulders as she plucked at an acoustic guitar. She’d made up her face to be deliberately pale and used a deep purple lipstick, and even if her looks were based on mimicry, her voice was still very good.

Although Zander enjoyed the performance, he kept glancing over to the bar where Foss worked. His lover seemed to have a permanent smile in place and Zander admired his unflustered, ultra-professional manner.

“Excuse me. Steak with mushroom sauce and jacket potato? Are you all right for a drink?” The man at his side set down Zander’s meal and then hovered waiting for his reply.

“Yes. That’s mine. No, thanks. I’m good for now.”

Nodding the server scurried away and Zander turned his attention to the meal before him. Cutting into the meat, he was delighted to see that the steak was cooked just as he liked it. Tucking in with enthusiasm, Zander found that the sauce was excellent, the sides well prepared, and he thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

The singer finished to loud applause and Zander pushed his plate aside. Picking up his glass, Zander moved closer to the stage wanting to get an unobstructed view of Foss’s performance.

A sense of pride made Zander puff out his chest as Foss’s name was greeted with enthusiasm and Zander joined in the applause. Zander grinned widely as Foss winked at him before taking his place on the stage. His lover’s hair was now free of the high ponytail he kept it in behind the bar and all but a couple of his shirt buttons were open.

Looking left and right at the crowd, Zander wasn’t surprised to see some guys, as well as most of the ladies, staring at Foss. They can look but they can’t touch. You’re all mine. The possessive thought was a shock to Zander, but he didn’t feel inclined to try to retract the idea.


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