Ghosted: Wicked Wedding Planners Series by Parsons Alyssa

Ghosted: Wicked Wedding Planners Series by Parsons Alyssa

Author:Parsons, Alyssa [Parsons, Alyssa]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Published: 2018-06-12T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 14

I t’s Monday morning again. Amelie has asked me to meet her at Petals and Gem, a bridal shop to have a look at the wedding dress she has picked. I am not due there until 11:00am which gives me a bit of time to call in at the office first. Nic is already out looking at venues with a new couple for the morning. The phone is ringing off the hook so Jodie was too busy to chat.

I spend an hour replying to emails and making a few phone calls before heading out to my car. Jodie is still busy on the phone as I leave so I give her a wave goodbye.

Petals and Gems is a very elegant bridal boutique that specialises in high quality wedding dresses. It has Amelie written all over it. Much to my disappointment, I see that Linda has accompanied Amelie. I plaster a fake cheery smile on my face before entering the shop.

‘Amelie, Linda. Hi, how are you both?’ I put on the charm as I greet them.

‘Hi Sammie,’ Amelie gives me a warm smile. ‘Thanks so much for coming today. I really wanted you to see the dress and get your opinion.’

‘Of course, I can’t wait to see it.’

I barely get a hello off of Linda. Nothing changes.

Amelie goes off to the changing rooms with the assistant. It’s going to be an awkward few minutes sitting here with Linda. Linda is looking especially glum today. We sit there in silence for a couple of minutes. I am trying to come up with some sort of small talk but I can think of nothing to say. Thank goodness, Linda’s mobile rings and she steps out to take the call.

Amelie comes out looking radiant and beautiful in her dress. The dress looks very similar to Kate Middleton’s dress – exactly the style she was looking for. Amelie is beaming and I can tell she is in love with this dress. This is exactly how every bride should look and feel in their dress.

The door opens and Linda returns from her phone call.

‘She looks beautiful Linda, doesn’t she?’ I try to get Linda onside.

‘Yes of course she does,’ Linda’s responds tersely. ‘Amelie would look beautiful in a bin liner but that’s not the point. We are here to make sure that the dress is of good enough quality.’

Trust Linda to ruin such a lovely moment. Linda walks around Amelie, examining the dress at all angles.

‘Of course, we still have a few alterations to make before the dress is ready,’ the bridal assistant tells Linda.

‘Yes I am well aware of that dear but I still need to check the material,’ Linda continues her examination of the dress.

I am surprised she hasn’t brought a magnifying glass with her. She is now crouching down to look at the hem of the dress. I look at the sales assistant and semi roll my eyes. She smiles back.

‘Right what’s this?’ Linda suddenly stands up and points down at Amelie’s dress.


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