Gose by Fal Allen

Gose by Fal Allen

Author:Fal Allen
Language: eng
Format: epub
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It [Gose] differs from other beers by its larger content of lactic acids. The method how this lactic acid is brought in the Gose, or how it develops in it is known as Einschlag, which is a well kept secret of Gose brewers until this very day.

—Otto Kröber, Die Geschichte der Gose und die Chronik der Gosenschänke Leipzig-Eutritzsch (Translated by Adept Content Solutions)

Bacterial Souring Agents

Gose-style beers need to be sour. If you make a Gose and it is not sour, then you really have not made a Gose. It might be a very interesting wheat beer, but it is not a Gose. Lactic acid is one of the defining flavor characters of the Gose style. True, there has been some discussion about the original Gose beers not being sour beers, but realistically, more than 500 years ago, any but the youngest of beers was at least slightly sour and a piquant sourness is what Gose is known for. When it comes to making your Gose sour there are several choices open to the brewer.

Traditionally it was done with bacteria during or after the yeast fermentation. Today we have more options. All of the methods except the traditional method have the advantage of being safer from a cross-contamination standpoint, as the bacteria are never in the fermentation area of the brewery.


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