Happily Ever After: Fractured Fairy Tale Anthology by unknow

Happily Ever After: Fractured Fairy Tale Anthology by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Write More Publications
Published: 2016-04-17T05:00:00+00:00

I could tell before we reached the bar that Dash was a model who worked for Karen. It was also pretty clear, by the time we got our table, that he was actually using a lot of false bravado to cover his nerves. When the busty waitress came over with our drinks and spent nearly five minutes flirting with him, he got a little shy and started blushing. It was the blushing that reeled me in.

“Honey, the drinks are good enough. Thanks.” I cut into her monologue about how ill-fitting her tank top was on her well-endowed frame. Dash was literally turning into a beetroot right before my eyes, and let out a sigh of relief when my glare sent the flirt away.

“Sorry. I guess I ran out of courage.” He chuckled lightly, before reaching for the whiskey and soda he’d ordered. I could see his hand was shaking, so I put my hand over his and gave him a gentle smile that I hoped wouldn’t make him nervous.

“You don’t need Dutch courage. And you don’t have to play a part. Just talk to me,” I insisted, sitting back in my seat and getting comfortable. I knew by then that I could talk to sweet old Bashful Dash all night and not get bored. Sure enough, he told me about how he grew up in the country and was raised to be a simple lad by two doting parents. Then he was spotted by a talent scout when he was sixteen and taken to the big city to be a modelling star. Which he was.

And I could see why. He was stunningly beautiful.

“Karen says you’re a writer?” he asked, including me in the conversation for the umpteenth time. I picked another fry off the plate of food we’d ordered and explained how I was a city girl through and through, how Karen and I had known each other for forever, and what my work involved. Dash listened the way no one had in a long time, but he still blushed when I brought up the delicate subjects. “So, you’re mostly…um…R-rated?” he asked politely. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“There’s a fair amount of kink and erotica in my stories sometimes, yeah. But not all of them. I’ve actually published a few YA novels. Young adult,” I explained upon seeing his confusion with my acronyms, yet again. I kept slipping into novel talk, forgetting he knew nothing about my world.

By the time another two hours had passed and we’d talked and eaten and danced together, Dash drove me back to my apartment and walked me up all three flights.

“So tell me, Dash, just why did Karen pick you to go out with me? I’m sensing that I’m not really your type,” I admitted, as I unlocked my door and went inside. Dash followed, since we’d already agreed on it. He needed a strong coffee to drown out the taste of the onions he’d ordered with dinner. He never had taken his whiskey


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