Heaven Sent. (Behind The Scenes Book 1) by Heather Mar-Gerrison

Heaven Sent. (Behind The Scenes Book 1) by Heather Mar-Gerrison

Author:Heather Mar-Gerrison [Mar-Gerrison, Heather]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 13 – Not since I was twelve…


“Well, I guess this is it then.” I said.

Jason bit his lip, looking up at me with his eyes brimming with tears, “I can’t stand it.” He whispered, “I need more time to say goodbye to you…”

I swallowed, “We live halfway across the world from each other.” I said softly, “This has to be it.”

He nodded, “I know.” He said, “I just wish… I just…”

“Wish that we’d realised sooner?” I asked. He nodded. I nodded with him, “Me too,” I said softly, “You have no idea…”

“It’s 2018,” He said, “It’s not impossible… surely?”

No. It wasn’t impossible if one was unattached – but I was still in a relationship with Gina – and he was still in one with Kelly.

“What about Kelly?” I asked. I’d been careful not to mention either her name or Gina’s before now – there was nothing like mentioning an absent partner to kill the mood…

He snorted, “Kelly?” he asked scornfully, “Kelly was the one who told me I was gay and to go for it!”

I gaped at him. Wow. She was some girlfriend… “I didn’t know that.” I said. But then I got to thinking and of course Kelly would say that to him. She knew him better than he knew himself… Just like Gina knew me – only Gina had an almighty crush on Jason and she was less likely to be so benevolent about the whole thing… “So, she’s not really your girlfriend?”

He just looked at me, “Not since we were twelve, no.” He said, “I thought you already knew that.”

I bit my lip, and shook my head, “I didn’t know that.” I said with a sigh. “It’s a little harder for me, though. I’ve been cheating on my girlfriend of five years with you, Jason.” I said, “It’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world to explain.”

He looked away from me, pouting those amazing lips of his and looking mutinous. He was angry with me for ruining things between us, I could tell.

“Can you just let me get home and explain things to Gina? I need to break it off with her properly before we start something.”

He swung around to face me, a scowl on his otherwise truly stunning face, “Before we start something?” he asked indignantly, “What do you think we’ve been doing these last couple of weeks?”

I nodded. I was a wanker and I was going about this all wrong, “I didn’t mean…” I was beginning to get the start of a migraine. Pinching the bridge of my nose in an attempt to stave it off a little, I sighed, “I promise I will call you, okay? Way before we start the tour – and I want us to share the same hotel as each other in every single country we visit – okay?”

He nodded. “Fine.” He said with one of his sighs and I knew he didn’t believe me… I had to get through to him somehow. I had to


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