Homeworld (Bedouin's Travels Book 5) by Ben Winston

Homeworld (Bedouin's Travels Book 5) by Ben Winston

Author:Ben Winston [Winston, Ben]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Blue Space Publications, LLC.
Published: 2016-08-22T23:00:00+00:00

After making sure Marcy had all the authority and Marines she would need, Ben moved on to the next order of business he had. The two men he'd asked to meet with had arrived, and he was looking forward to seeing them again.

"Captain Coir, Captain Oldstone, welcome. Thank you for agreeing to see me, I know you’re both pretty busy," Ben said in greeting.

Oldstone snorted. "You think we would tell the King 'No, sorry, we're too busy at the moment, try again later'? Besides, we're not that busy!"

The three of them laughed at the gruff man's comment.

"Have a seat, gentlemen," Ben replied, as he got them something to drink. "I've got something I need to ask both of you."

"Uh oh! I told you we should have hid some place!" Elrond said to his friend.

Ben chuckled as he sat drinks down on his coffee table. "How are things going for you and your people? Any issues with old animosities?"

Elrond shook his head. "No, if anything they see our past as experience to draw on. We've been asked a few questions by Customs and Law Enforcement."

Ben smiled and nodded. "I'd hoped that instead of calling them 'your' people, I could start calling them 'our' people."

"Oh, I think it would be safe to say 'our' people, Highness. We're all still friends, but we are definitely Terrans now," Elrond replied and Oldstone nodded.

Ben smiled. "That's great. Captain Oldstone, I'm told your son joined the academy?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I hated to lose him, but he wanted to join the military, so I called the General to see if she would do a favor for a friend."

"Honestly, you did us the favor by calling her: she tells me he is a natural leader and has already been put on track for his own command," Ben replied. "Which is as good a lead-in as any to what I need to ask you two. We are in need of two experienced commanders for the Navy we're building. One would be in charge of the system defenses, and the other would take charge of our fleets… well, fleet for now, it'll be a few years before we get more than one built. So what do you say, feel like working together again?"

"Uh, Sire, you want us to command your Navy?" Gerent asked, shocked.

Ben looked at both of them. "Can you honestly think of anyone better suited for the job?"

"What about General Greenwold?" Elrond asked.

"She'll still be in over-all command, but she asked for the two of you to take charge of the Navy," Ben replied. "You'll both be made Admirals; I'll leave it up to you to decide who takes which job. That is, if you'll do it."

"Sire… Ben, when the Emperor pardoned us on condition of staying here for the next ten years to help you, do you know why we agreed so quickly?" Elrond asked.

Ben shook his head.

Gerent picked up the explanation. "Because we believe in what's happening here. All of our people do, they have since the beginning.


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