House of Imperial (Secret Keepers Series Book 2) by Jaymin Eve

House of Imperial (Secret Keepers Series Book 2) by Jaymin Eve

Author:Jaymin Eve [Eve, Jaymin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-14T16:00:00+00:00


This room looked exactly like the movies, starkly white, tiled, with a row of stalls and a row of sinks. Emma flashed me a huge grin and I chuckled at how mischievous her expression was. She then turned to stare at the closed door. “Three … two … one…”

Bang, bang, bang.

“Emma, get your scrawny butt out here. Callie needs to get to class.” Daniel sounded annoyed but not angry.

“Give us a minute, this is girl stuff, Dan,” Emma shouted back, rolling her eyes at me. “These Daelighter dudes are so predictable. I hoped that this was the one place I might get a second alone with you. But even being a girl’s bathroom, it won’t keep them out for long.”

The door swung open then and I almost expected Daniel to stroll right in, but it wasn’t him. A stunning, dark-haired girl stood in the doorway. She looked somewhat familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out where I knew her from. Anyone that beautiful was going to stick in my mind, but … I really couldn’t remember where I’d seen her before. Maybe she was from a television show or something.

“Star!” Emma waved her over. “Come and meet Callie. She’s the second secret…” She trailed off then, clearly realizing we weren’t exactly in a private place.

From what I could see, all the stalls were empty. “I think we have the room to ourselves,” I said.

Star quickly checked and said, “Yep, all clear.” She then stepped over to me, the sweetest smile on her face. “It’s so nice to meet you, Callie. I’m Star Darken, Lexen’s sister.”

Ah, well, that explained the supermodel good looks and familiarity. Now that she’d mentioned her family, I could see she had the same shaped eyes and nose as her broody brother. But she was definitely not of the broody variety. If anything, she seemed unnaturally nice and friendly.

Emma quickly pulled me toward the sinks. “We need to hurry. As I said, our guys aren’t going to leave us alone for long. Until Laous is caught, we’re under strict guard.” She really didn’t sound too upset by that. “But I figured you wouldn’t have any makeup or the essentials, being stuck in Imperial with Daniel, so Star and I brought you some supplies.”

For a moment I wondered if I’d heard right. Star pulled a small purple bag out of her expensive leather satchel and handed it to me. It was a half-moon shape, with a zipper right across the top. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I opened it. Whoa. They had packed in a veritable beauty shop, enough makeup and supplies to last me months. Or years. I had very little experience with beauty products, except when I’d managed to steal some of my mom’s.

Blinking rapidly, I stared down at the bag longer than was really necessary in an attempt to get my emotions under control. Finally, I was able to say without my voice breaking: “Thank you, this was really thoughtful of you both.”

“You really don’t need much makeup,” Star said, and my head shot up to find her examining me closely.


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