Len Deighton - SS-GB by SS-GB

Len Deighton - SS-GB by SS-GB

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‘You’ve heard of this fine newGermanSchoolin Highgate’ he said. ‘I’ve heard about it.’ It was for the children of SS and Wehrmacht officers and for those ‘of the officials of the German administration. ‘The curriculum is in German, of course, but it’s a wonderful school, and your German is virtually flawless. You could help your son with his homework. That school could give your youngDouglasa grand start in life, and I think I could arrange a place there for him.’

‘Will there be other British children there?’

‘It’s my idea that we should have a few,’ said Kellerman. ‘I’m on the school administration committee. Don’t want the German children to lose contact with their host country … and English children would be valuable from the language point of view. Think yourDouglascould manage enough German’ ‘He could manage a little. All the schools have German language classes now.’

‘It could be a fine start for him.’

‘I’ll have to askDouglas. You know what children are like about leaving their friends.’

‘That’s right - you ask him. He’s a sensible little chap. He’ll see the advantages. Take him along there one afternoon this week; show him the laboratories, the engineering equipment, the athletic field and so on.’Douglashad spent half the night rehearsing how he could tackle Kellerman on the subject of Harry’s arrest. But in the event, Kellerman himself brought it up. ‘And that fine Detective Sergeant of yours,’ said Kellerman. ‘What’s this I hear about his arrest?’

‘Detective Sergeant Woods, sir. He’s being held by the Amt IV people, next door.’ He had long since discovered that Amt IV was a popular euphemism for Gestapo.

‘Amt IVenjoy rather special privileges, you know. My authority with those gentlemen is somewhat limited.’

‘Really, sir?’ saidDouglas.

‘They have direct access to the Reichsfuhrer-SS inBerlin.’

‘Even under martial law?’

‘Now don’t try to out-think me, Archer,’ said General Kellerman, his face taking on a pained expression. ‘I and my men come under the orders of the Military Commander GB only in matters pertaining to law and order. Administration and discipline remain unchanged. Amt IV is still responsible toBerlin, just as your Standartenfuhrer Huth is still responsible toBerlin. And thus Detective Sergeant Woods is too. Now do you see my position?’

‘You can’t interfere, sir?’

‘Never get involved in a family quarrel. Isn’t that something that every police force in the world tells its young Constables?’

‘I doubt if Sergeant Woods has told the Amt IV interrogators that he is underBerlin’s orders in that way. Standartenfuhrer Huth has rigorously emphasized the secrecy of the work we are doing.’

‘This scientific business?’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘And so he should. Standartenfuhrer Doctor Huth is a fine young officer, and I’m proud to have him on my staff.’ Kellerman nodded his head affirmatively. Having clearly established his claim to be Huth’s confidant as well as his commander, Kellerman modified his praise a little. ‘Zealous perhaps, and at times somewhat inflexible … but the task he’s been engaged upon is most delicate!

‘Yes, sir.’

‘I can see you are worried about Woods. I think I must cancel my weekend inGermany. I’m going to send for Sturmbannfuhrer Strauss and hear all the details of your Sergeant’s arrest.


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