Letters From the Earth by Mark Twain

Letters From the Earth by Mark Twain

Author:Mark Twain [Twain, Mark]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Essays, Commentary, Humor
ISBN: 9781605060361
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Published: 2013-08-11T16:00:00+00:00

Number of words, 320; necessary ones, 220: words wasted by the generous spendthrift, 100.

In our day those 100 unnecessary words would have to come out. We will take them out presently and make the episode approximate the modern requirement in the matter of compression.

If we may consider each unnecessary word in Cooper's report of that barbecue a separate and individual violation of Rule 14, then that rule is violated 100 times in that report. Other rules are violated in it. Rule 12, 2 instances; Rule 13, 5 instances; Rule 15, 1 instance; Rule 16, 2 instances; Rule 17, 1 or 2 little instances; the report in its entirety is an offense against Rule 18 -- also against Rule 16. Total score, about 114 violations of the laws of literary art out of a possible 115.*


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