Love Undecided (San Soloman Book 1) by Denise Wells

Love Undecided (San Soloman Book 1) by Denise Wells

Author:Denise Wells [Wells, Denise]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-05-20T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 30


I always considered myself to be a good chef until I attempted to make matzo ball soup for Mavis after my shift. I used the kitchen at the station since I have yet to remodel the kitchen in my house.

Of course, the recipes seem simple, and the videos make it look foolproof. But in actuality, a matzo ball staying together once it’s in the soup, is a freak of nature. It’s taken me countless broken balls, and four different batches of soup, to get one small bowl of relatively clear broth and one ball. And it’s not even a big ball.

If Kat were here, she would giggle at my continued use of the word ball.

If Kat were here, her balls would be flawless.

Now I’m laughing at the word balls.

I grab the bowl of soup for Mavis and am out the door to bring it to her. I let Ethan’s Dad borrow my truck today so he could help someone move and am driving his sports car. It takes me a minute to get my bearings in a vehicle that is almost the complete opposite of my own: low to the ground with scant leg and headroom.

I pull on to Mavis’ street a short time later with a sigh of relief that I didn’t spill the soup. A feat in and of itself considering my knee would get stuck at the steering wheel every time I had to push the clutch in to shift the gears. Which made for a jerky ride whenever I tried to shift, start going, or stop moving.

I see that the Taylor house is still an active crime scene as I pass it by. I also see Kat and that guy, Bauer, walking away from Mavis’ house and toward his car. I move to honk the horn and get her attention when I see the two of them stop and she looks up at him like he’s the center of her universe. The way that she used to look at me.

Instead of honking, I drive past, circling in the cul-de-sac, and parking on the other side of the street. I wait in the car until Kat and the guy drive away, my emotions rapidly switching between jealousy and anger. I grab the bowl and head up the walk to Mavis’ door. She answers before I have a chance to knock. The dogs having already alerted her to my visit.

Yip! Yip! Yip! Yip!

“Oh, I can’t believe you would do such a thing. Such a good boy. A true mensch,” she says when she sees the bowl of soup in my hands. She opens the screen door, then reaches up and squeezes my cheek. “Come in, come in.”

She steps back to make room for me. The dogs are running in circles behind her.

“I can’t stay long I’m sorry to say,” I tell her. “I have a shift that starts soon.”

“One cup of coffee,” she says.

I notice there are already two cups on the table of her breakfast nook. I offer to clear them for her, then grab two new cups, fill them, and bring them back to the table.


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