Next In Line by Daws Amy

Next In Line by Daws Amy

Author:Daws, Amy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Bait Shop Edition
Publisher: Amy Daws, LLC
Published: 2018-11-26T16:00:00+00:00

The next day, I wake up prepared to talk it out with Sam. I should apologize for my behavior so the day isn’t full of awkwardness or resentment…but I don’t get the chance.

“Hi,” I state sleepily as I pad my way into the kitchen where I find Sam frying bacon and eggs at the stove.

“Morning!” he says cheerily and looks over to eye my plaid pajamas before returning his attention back to the stove.

I take in his gray lounge pants and a white T-shirt that hugs his very large arms nicely. “You’re up early.”

He nods knowingly. “Early bird catches the worm. Plus, we’ll want to get going early today before it gets busy. It’s easier to teach without a bunch of teenage assholes swinging by and spraying us all day.”

“Spraying us?” I ask with a frown.

With a half-smile, he says, “Yeah, they ski really fast straight at you and then stop and kick their heels out, resulting in a spray of snow. They always do it to newbies.”

“What dicks,” I reply with a huff.

Sam just shakes his head. “Yeah, but it’s all a part of the fun, though.”

I nod and stare at Sam, waiting for him to show any signs of weirdness about the abrupt end to our evening. Surely he’s annoyed, right? I rushed back to the cabin so fast, I was changed and pretending to sleep on the couch before he even walked in the door. That had to frustrate him, right?

“How’d you sleep last night?” he asks while scooping the food onto a couple of plates.

“Great!” I exclaim a bit too forcefully. “That couch is really comfortable.”

He turns to eye me for a second before flipping the last few pieces of bacon. “Maybe we can trade tonight.”

“Forget it.”

He turns to look straight at me, sighing in exasperation. “You’re very stubborn, you know that?”

“My brother reminds me almost daily,” I reply, nabbing the piece of bacon he’s just set on a towel. Taking a deep breath, I add, “Hey, sorry I got kind of weird last night.”

He shakes his head and replies, “It’s okay, Maggie. I figured you changed your mind, and I’m all right with it. It’s probably for the best.”

My eyes fly wide. “Changed my mind about what?”

“About us hooking up or whatever. It’s no big deal.”

“I didn’t change my mind,” I exclaim, grabbing his meaty bicep so he turns to look at me.

His brow is furrowed as he stares down at my lips. “You didn’t?”

“No! What would make you think that?”

“Because you basically ran away from me in the hot springs last night. I might not be the most intuitive guy, but I am perceptive, and regret was written all over your face.”

My eyes slam shut in horror as I realize that Sam interpreted my mental breakdown completely wrong last night. “It wasn’t you…it was me.”

He huffs out a laugh. “Got it.”

“No…oh my god, I’m horrible at this.” I release his arm to hoist myself up on the kitchen counter as I attempt to form my words so I don’t sound like a total headcase.


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