Obsessed (Lace Underground Trilogy Book 2) by Tess Oliver

Obsessed (Lace Underground Trilogy Book 2) by Tess Oliver

Author:Tess Oliver [Oliver, Tess]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sugartree Press
Published: 2018-06-19T16:00:00+00:00



The whole thing is as strange as it is expected. The clandestine journey to the compound. Rich men feeding their fantasies in a secret club that's filled with all the usual luxuries, gourmet food, expensive booze, posh furniture and tempting young women. The leather cuffs and barely there lingerie caught me off guard at first but the women seemed completely at ease walking around in skimpy panties. Some were totally naked with the exception of the kinky leather cuffs and anklets. No real surprises but one major disappointment. There was no sign of Ten.

I played along with the whole thing, admittedly having a better time than I should have. There wasn't any noticeable networking happening between the big shots and rich important men in the room. They might have belonged to a secret brotherhood of sorts but it was obvious they were there for only one thing. As the other members peeled away with their prospective partners for the night, it became clear that I was going to be expected to do the same.

I had more than my share of special invites, including one woman who said she loved it rough and kinky. As much fun as rough and kinky sounded, I pretended to be too overwhelmed with my choices to decide.

One pert blonde wearing a lacy pink pair of panties and nothing else and whose name I think is Cathy stands up in front of the couch where I've been sipping booze with a woman on each side of me and a naked woman sitting directly on my lap. "Well, newbie, you're not going to leave all of us brokenhearted are you? At least make one girl's night. The caravan is going to be leaving in an hour, and you haven't even had a kiss."

The bodyguard who's been stationed at one end of the room pulls out his phone and walks out to take the call. I lift my arms and drop them around the women on each side of me. Cathy drops to the floor in front of me and rests her arms on my knees. The woman in my lap, Eve, I think, gives her a bit of a curled-lip sneer but it's ignored. I am the last male in the room and it feels like the first break of the evening. I can talk freely to the women.

"So what's your thing?" Eve punctuates her question with a tongue kiss of my ear.

"My thing?" I ask. Something tells me just about anything goes down here in the Lace Underground.

"She means what kind of girl do you like?" the woman on my right clarifies.

I force down an embarrassed smile. "Oh that, thought you meant—Right. What kind of girl?" A new opportunity rose. I was sitting with two blondes, a brunette and a woman with bleached white hair. "First of all, the reason I'm still sitting here is because all of you are drop dead beautiful."

This earns me a round of smiles. I glance toward the door. The bodyguard hasn't returned yet.


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