One Last Risk (Oak Grove Series Book 1) by Stopper Nancy

One Last Risk (Oak Grove Series Book 1) by Stopper Nancy

Author:Stopper, Nancy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Anderby Lane Publishing
Published: 2017-04-17T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Fifteen

SARAH STOOD AT the window, bright sun shining through the streaked glass. Only a few thin, wispy clouds marred the blue sky. Perfect weather for the festival. These few minutes before Lily got up each morning was the only time she got alone. She soaked in the peace, the quiet of the dawn, before the world woke up.

She wrapped her hands around her coffee mug. Her hands were chilled, even with the sun beating on her body—because the cold didn’t come from the outside, but inside her. She had plans with Lucas. It was only a date, but her heart told her it was so much more. She hadn’t planned on it, but Lucas had snuck into her life and made himself at home with her and Lily.

There wasn’t anything on the surface to tell her she shouldn’t be with Lucas. He was sexy as hell. Who didn’t like a man in uniform? It was more than that, though. He really listened to her. Hung on every word she said. That kind of respect in a relationship was important. She needed to show Lily a healthy loving relationship. For the past two years, it had only been Sarah.

Sarah had a daughter to think about, and any decision she made would impact her. No matter how her feelings for Lucas had grown, Lily had to take first place. Everything Lucas did showed her he cared for Lily... and Lily adored Lucas. As she grew older, the absence of a father in her life became more apparent. She soaked up Lucas’s attention each time she saw him—attention only a man—a father—could give. The safe feeling of being scooped up in big, bold masculine arms that offered protection and reassurance.

As Sarah drank her first sip of coffee, quiet, padding steps echoed down the hall. Lily ran in just as Sarah turned toward the room.

“Yay! Today is the festival.” Ah, the innocent energy of a child.

“Good morning, sweetie.” She lifted Lily into her arms and kissed her on the head, then placed her in the booster seat. “Eat your breakfast and then go get dressed, okay? I’m going to go hop in the shower.”

“Are we going to see Mr. Lucas today?”

“Why do you ask that, honey?” Lily had only seen Lucas two or three times, mostly at the park, because Sarah hadn’t wanted to confuse Lily before she knew they had a relationship. Was that what they had now?

“I told Gracie at preschool how Lucas saved you and we saw him in the park. Gracie told me he came to school last year. She liked him. And I like him, too. Can we go see him?”

The words speared Sarah’s heart. Lucas was the first man, other than Alex, Lily had spoken about in that way. If Sarah were considering making Lucas a part of their life, she needed to reconcile these feelings in her own mind. The pros and the cons. In every other part of her life, she’d approach things methodically. She’d write lists and analyze them.


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