Pokey: Areion Fury MC by Esther E. Schmidt

Pokey: Areion Fury MC by Esther E. Schmidt

Author:Esther E. Schmidt [Schmidt, Esther E.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-07-21T18:30:00+00:00

Chapter 09


She shudders against my body. The feel of her between me and the wall is almost my undoing. My dick isn’t even out of my pants and yet, I’m ready to blow. I mentally count to ten so I can draw it out some more.

Our first time was limited to the time of a bathroom break.

This time around, I will make sure we don’t have to fucking count the seconds. We have a lifetime ahead of us, so this needs to be how it should have gone the first time. Precious and everlasting. Like the miracle we made the first time our bodies connected.

I push my hands off the wall and wrap my fingers around her wrist, guiding her to the bed. Slowly, I peel off her dress. Next time I will fuck her in it. Spill one breast and have one of those legs thrown over my shoulder. She will look like Spiky walked right out of the cartoon.

But this is different. She’s my ol’lady. A whole different fantasy becoming reality. This moment is all about my dream of having the mother of my child, my future wife, the woman I love, in all her naked glory so I can worship her the best way possible. Claiming her as mine by devouring her whole.

Holding my breath, I look down on her. At the scrap of lace that’s covering her pussy and those hot boots that go all the way up her legs. Captivating. My chest squeezes while my body roars to life with the feelings she ignites inside of me.

“So damn gorgeous.” I release the air that occupied my lungs so I can lean forward and fill my body with her scent.

Magnolia with a hint of lime. I have no clue if it’s her shampoo, some kind of lotion, or her perfume, but I only know that it’s Spiky and that it suits her perfectly. Magnolia, the magnificent beauty, no matter what stages it blooms. Then there’s the lime, the fresh part, a little subtle bite, the hint that makes all the difference. A power boost. Like I said, her fragrance tangles with her character.

“Lie back, sweetheart,” I croak.

She moves to the middle of the bed and I hold my arms up in front of me. Her face morphs into a wicked gleam when she raises her leg and puts her high heeled boot in my welcoming hands. Slowly I slide it off and let it tumble to the floor before I repeat the action with the other boot.

I’m still holding her calf and my fingers skim over it. “So fucking soft.”

It’s like velvet. It’s mesmerizing. Bringing my face down, my lips feather along, going up.

“Pokey,” she gasps. “Please.”

A soft chuckle falls from my lips. “Sweetheart, I’ve not even started yet and I’ve already got you begging.”

Her upper body flashes up and her hands flank my head. With a growl, she drags me up and presses my mouth against her lace covered pussy.

“Stop playing around, dammit. You’ve been driving me crazy for weeks and weeks.


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