Psychedelic Marine by alex seymour

Psychedelic Marine by alex seymour

Author:alex seymour
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-09-08T16:00:00+00:00


Jungle Wonder

T he next day Richard, Humberto, Reuben, and I sat talking over breakfast. Humberto suspected, as did Richard, that a dark energy had entered Miley and lodged deep within her to bring on the catatonic episode. Richard euphemistically called it a “funky energy.”

Whatever the cause, Humberto was confident that whatever the dark energy or disembodied entity was that had invaded her, he could remove it completely given a couple of weeks of ceremonies and concerted shamanic healing effort. It was obvious to Humberto that this energy was more than just funky. I felt almost certain that in his private conversations with Richard, which I had overheard, Humberto had used the word demonio, Spanish for demon.

Reuben seemed to fall asleep between mouthfuls during lunch, his head bobbing comically up and down. We all wanted to know if Miley had any recollection of her catatonic experience. Not surprisingly, what little she remembered was hazy. She had heard us calling her name and was aware of us trying to wake her up. She thought that she had responded; while we had been near panic, she had felt fine and calm. This was good news, and we didn’t go into any more detail of our experience of the previous night. With plenty more ceremonies to participate in, no one wanted to antagonize anything that had been stirred up in her.

Later that afternoon Miley and I got to know each other better. I showed her a downloaded YouTube clip called Double Rainbow, a popular meme watched more than forty-two million times. It shows a man in America and the double rainbow that appeared over his front yard. He freaks out in humbled awe, equally touching and hilarious.

I left the room to wander around the perimeter of the encampment, peering into the vegetation as the evening drew in. The jungle—the polar opposite of civilized, like a mystical sage who didn’t care what the hell ordinary folk thought. It was going to do its own thing whether we existed or not. It was verdant, inconceivably dense, mighty, and so mysterious. Truth be told, at times it was intimidating.

I walked to the waterfall. There was a faint rainbow several meters wide in the mist. Hummingbirds flitted among the flowers, reminding me of something I had once heard: “Hummingbirds are the nerve endings of God.” I stripped off, stepping beneath the pounding torrent. Freezing water crashed, snatching my breath away, pummeling my head and shoulders like a brutal masseuse. I had to breathe out forcefully, trying to bear the enormous weight of the water. The gasps grew louder and louder until I found myself roaring, like a beast, an ape who roars because it feels so right. And yet even the roaring was drowned out by the thundering waterfall. The effect of the release was fantastically cleansing, a year of hardship washed away in the torrent of sound and water. As I got dressed a huge blue butterfly landed on my patrol pack.

Dusk fell and we gathered in the maloca and readied ourselves for the second ceremony.


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