Rogue Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 3) by C.N. Crawford

Rogue Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 3) by C.N. Crawford

Author:C.N. Crawford [Crawford, C.N.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Corey Press
Published: 2018-06-11T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 19

“You must understand now.” Metatron steepled his fingertips. “This is why it’s time for a reckoning. If humans had worshipped me like they were supposed to in the first place, if they’d remained humble, none of us would be here. But they desired supremacy over each other, the way gods like me are supposed to reign supreme over the beasts.” Metatron cocked his head. “Strange to me that all those people like dear old Anne allowed themselves to be tortured because of moderately different interpretations of religious texts. You were meant to worship me. You all got it wrong. What would you die for, Ruby? Shall we find out?”

One thing, and one thing alone: the people I love.

“Ahh. You’d die for my son. How sweet.”

He was listening in on my thoughts again, and I wanted to rip his smug, glowing face off.

He moved closer to me, his eyes curious now. “Maybe torturing you isn’t the worst thing, then. Maybe watching your loved ones die painful deaths would be worse.”

I swallowed hard. “Would you kill your own son?”

“I can’t kill him. Only you can do that. But if I hurt you enough, you’ll give in. Beasts like you will always save themselves in the end, even if you make yourselves weak with your attachments. Love weakens you, just like the iron does. Because when you turn on Adonis, it will break you completely.”

I shuddered. Metatron was a complete monster.

Faint light glinted off Aereus’s armor, and he took a step forward. “Adonis will come for you, of course. We’ll make you kill him. Then you die. Then the rest of the world. In just three days, my army of immortals will begin rampaging through one city after another. They will cleanse the world of the rest of the humans and demons who hid like rats in the sewers. Busy week, honestly.”

Panic slammed me in the gut. In three days? We only had three days before everyone and everything died. Still, I tried to think clearly. If I managed to get out of here alive, this was my opportunity to gather some intelligence from them. I needed to know what their exact plan was.

What was the best way to get people to tell you things when they had all the power? Naked and chained to the ceiling, I couldn’t exactly scare him into giving me information. I had to appeal to his weaknesses. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have any, except for the fact that he was really hung up on the “worship me” thing.

“When you attack, people all over the world will tremble before you,” I said, looking straight at Metatron. “Everyone will know your name.”

He stared at me. Maybe that was a little too much. I needed him talking, not gaping at me.

Let me try that again. “I beg you to rethink this. As you march from one city to another, the people who remain will know the true meaning of fear and terror. Their last remaining moments on earth will be filled with thoughts of you instead of thoughts of their loved ones.


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