The Marooner (Pirates of the Coast Book 3) by Barbara Devlin

The Marooner (Pirates of the Coast Book 3) by Barbara Devlin

Author:Barbara Devlin [Devlin, Barbara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-08-28T23:00:00+00:00



It was a sunny morning in Port Royal, as gulls keened in the distance, and Leland embarked upon what he believed would deliver him to an asylum. In short, he accompanied Sophia on a shopping trip. But after a night spent in his wife’s arms, which he likened to heaven on earth, he could refuse her nothing.

So, as a dutiful spouse, he lingered in her wake, while she perused the various shops, in search of a collection of items. In quick succession, she added to her purchases, including a new counterpane, two high-back chairs, three thick rugs, and two lockers. When she emptied the small bag of coins he gave her, she turned and snapped her fingers.

“Are you sure we need all these items?” From his coat pocket, he drew forth another pouch of money, which she snatched from his grasp.

“Indeed, they are absolutely necessary.” As she counted the sum, she peered at him. “I want to remake our cabin as our own private sanctuary, where you will always find rest and succor.”

“I hope to find more than that.” Waggling his brows, he inched closer and whispered, “How is your bottom?”

“Much better, thanks to your suggestion, and the soak in a hot bath worked wonders.” Ah, she blushed, and he savored her shy smile, in light of all they shared in their room at the hotel. “And I want everything to be perfect, when we depart for Boston. Did you not warn it would be considerably colder, the further north we sail?”

“I did.” Snaking an arm about her waist, he pulled her close and kissed her temple, because he could deny her naught. “Buy whatever you wish, my dear. Whatever you want, it is yours for the taking.”

“Much like last night.” Biting her bottom lip, she averted her stare, and he did not mistake her meaning. “Did you feel the soft, down-filled velvet damask? Can you just imagine the two of us huddling beneath it, on a chilly night?”

“I can, now.” In truth, all manner of sumptuous images filled his brain, accompanied by a sweet symphony of her breathy sighs. “And I look forward to it.”

After retiring to a posh suite at the Grand Port Royal, they stripped and took to a massive bed, whereupon he proceeded to lavish attention on every part of her succulent body, to her much-professed pleasure. To his infinite gratitude, whatever he asked of Sophia, she yielded, and never had he made such demands of any woman. Yet his barely ex-virgin performed the services one would never dare ask of a professional.

Most of all, she accepted him.

Without judgment.

Without disdain.

Without rejection.

Oh, no. Not his prim and proper society lady. In truth, she possessed more strength in her delicate little finger than the most robust buccaneer. That she dedicated, quite forcefully, her awe-inspiring resilience in defense of her husband left him humbled and vulnerable, because he did not share the truth of his pirate past.

There was a lethal sort of dark power to secrets.

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