The Scourge (Book 1): The Dead Don't Turn by Maxey Phil

The Scourge (Book 1): The Dead Don't Turn by Maxey Phil

Author:Maxey, Phil [Maxey, Phil]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Tags: Post-Apocalyptic
Published: 2018-06-12T04:00:00+00:00


Marina sat at the desk in the basement, looking at frozen-in-time screenshots from websites which were heralding the end of the world.

“End of times?” said one, while another on a more positive note talked about what scientists around the world were trying to do, to stop the strange epidemic that was turning people cannibalistic.

In the news photos, buildings were on fire, and vamps roamed the streets. Cities seemed to be the worst hit, or rather wherever there was the highest concentration of people.

Behind her, Jess was playing another of the board games with Evan, while Bill was somewhere else, no doubt his head in a dusty volume, researching ancient civilizations.

She pushed her arms up high and stretched, wondering if she should get another cup of coffee, when the monitor in front of her wobbled. She reached forward and grabbed the top corner of it, steadying it, then clicked on the mouse again.

She scrolled down pages of more saved news websites, wondering what the same locations in the images looked like now. Her mind flicked back to a month earlier when she had left her sister’s. Janet had pleaded with her to stay, but things were out of control in Denver. She hadn’t heard from Russell in weeks, due to the lines of communication being down, so she packed up the car when it seemed the streets were empty, and headed back home to LA. She thought about the early days on the road and shuddered. She didn’t start out with any weapons. She had always been against them, despite Russell’s insistence of having one in the house, but more than once she and Jess had a close call, so when she almost ran over the body of some dead police officers, she took what she could from the corpses.

As memories piled through her mind, she vaguely picked up her daughter’s frustration of not being able to keep her warrior figure upright on the game board.

Her monitor wobbled again, this time its base shifting an inch to the right.

“Agh! I can’t get any of them to stand up now!” said Jess.

The boards and beams that made up the old walls started to creak all around her and, as Marina turned her head expecting to see Bill come down the stairs, the different events started to coalesce in her mind, forming one focused idea.

Get out.

As she went to stand, the ground below her feet fell away, while the air filled with an explosion of noise, rocks, and her daughter’s screams.

Swinging around, she lunged forward as the contents of the basement started to collapse into an abyss.

Evan and Jess desperately tried to scramble clear, but the rugs, sofa, tables, bookshelves, and everything else crushed together and, like an ocean liner that had just slipped beneath the waves, started to drag both of them into the ground.

Evan was the closest to Marina, and she flung her hand out to him. “Grab hold of Jessica! And me!” she shouted, as the sounds of cracking


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