The Tentacle Awakens by J.J. Pavlov

The Tentacle Awakens by J.J. Pavlov

Author:J.J. Pavlov [Pavlov, J.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-04-27T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 13 - The Best-Laid Plans

Registering with the adventurer guild seems to be quite simple and doesn't involve any typical fantasy stuff, such as getting a magical card created from thin air, where all my information is visible. It was to be expected, since this world doesn't deal with stats and skill points, and magic isn't the solution to everything.

Here, I only had to sign my name on a form after reviewing its contents. However, it was in no way simple, since I can't read the language of this world. I was fortunate that the bard and Gram left to gather more information about the upcoming quest issue, and only Lady Nightwane stayed with me in the room where the formalities were being sorted.

Thus, when the guild worker left for a moment, Senka could translate for me quickly, and I could fill in the form. The dark elf is still shaking in her boots whenever the doll girl speaks, but I know she'll never reveal it to the others. After all, there's a secret between them that she doesn't want to get out further than it already has.

I'll have to ask Senka to teach me this language properly over time since I won't be able to hide my identity for long if I can't understand the human writing system. If I were a peasant, it might be reasonable for me to be illiterate, but my setting is that I'm a noble.

And if I don't learn how to read, I won't be able to study the magic book Arcelia gave me.

"Thank you for waiting." The guild worker who took our forms away for the final procedures comes back into the room. "Here is your guild emblem. Please show it whenever you are acting on behalf of the guild during requests."

She hands each Lady Nightwane and me a metal badge with the guild's symbol on the front and our names carved onto the back.

I've become an adventurer!

With our newly gained proof of membership, we return to the main hall to show it to Rolan and Luna. Holding it up high for them to see, I grin from ear to ear. There's no turning back now; I'll be coming with them, whether they like it or not.

"You can't get rid of me anymore." I grin at the leader and wink at Luna. The latter looks at me with a bewildered expression.

"Hah, the joke's on you. I'll work you hard from now on." Rolan accepts it with humor and returns my grin with one of his own. "No getting away from me now!"

I find myself laughing with him, and realize that despite our inherent differences, we could become friends. If only he didn't want to kill my mother...

"Rolan, come here!" Ingrid's voice resounds through the hall, and we all look up to the second floor. The guild master is standing on the gallery in front of her office and waving at the leader.

It seems she has news for us.

We're back in Ingrid's cozy office. From her expression, I can judge that things didn't go as smoothly as they could have.


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