Tides of Mars (Omnibus Version) by Ben Winston

Tides of Mars (Omnibus Version) by Ben Winston

Author:Ben Winston [Winston, Ben]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: mars, tides, Alien, War, fleet, space battles, AI
Publisher: Blue Space Publications
Published: 2014-02-18T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter Four

Moran-Parker Estate

Near Henderson, NV. United States of America.

North American Continent, Earth, (Sol III) Horon-A Sector

0900hrs, local

Hanya chuckled at the reference to their first meeting. “My Lady, I'm sure you are quite capable of deciding for yourself who you can trust. It is my wish that I will be one of the few to be honored by your friendship.”

Ariel smiled and hugged the taller woman. “You don't need to hope for something that is already yours, Hanya. You are more than welcome to 'swap' for a visit anytime you wish.”

“Thank you, Ariel, I would love that. From what my cousin is feeling, I think her only regret is that she can't bring Cr'ale with her. Even though our species is incompatible biologically, she has cared for him for years. Ever since they were first introduced he has held a place in her heart. So from the stand point of my Queen, they are marrying for that reason, not just politics,” Hanya explained.

“So then, if I understand correctly, and carry that to the logical conclusion, then your whole race feels the same way about him?” Karen asked, finally getting the nerve to speak.

Hanya nodded. “Yes, although there are others we care deeply about too. Since we developed the usage of drones for species interaction, we have begun to drift apart more. We are becoming individuals. For example, we can and usually do, have thoughts and feelings exclusive of the rest. Although there has been no total disagreements yet, we are headed that way.

“Our social scientists believe that it is our destiny to live apart while struggling to maintain our unity of thought. They tell us that in the far distant past, we were but a single being. We developed what humans would call multiple personalities. That is what began our social diaspora. Although it is a slow process.”

Luke cocked his head to one side. “You said 'they tell us'. Don't you remember since they should be your memories too?”

“I'm afraid that is more proof that the scientists are correct. Not all of us have the same memories as the rest of the race. Some of us can't remember being one individual; which is probably a blessing considering how lonely that must have been. There is also the fact that there are some of us that have a very difficult time leaving one of the drone bodies after they use it. Although I'm not one of them, at least not yet,” Hanya explained.

“Okay folks, Hanya has got to be getting tired of answering all these questions. Just remember, the knowledge learned here today is a secret that we have been entrusted to keep,” Ariel said. “It feels like we have her locked in here and we're interrogating her.”

Everyone laughed and the atmosphere in the room became more friendly and relaxed. Ariel took the opportunity to invite everyone to accompany her on a tour of the facilities being built in the system.

While the rest were talking, she pulled Bri'tell aside. “I'm sorry for dropping those bombshells on you today.


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