Alpha Deceived (Waking the Dragons Book 3) by Piper Scott & Susi Hawke

Alpha Deceived (Waking the Dragons Book 3) by Piper Scott & Susi Hawke

Author:Piper Scott & Susi Hawke [Scott, Piper]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-02-25T16:00:00+00:00



I recovered in time to see Peter fly across the room and hit the wall. His body fell in a heap onto the floor, folding in unnatural ways. The dragon inside my soul went berserk. A screech ripped itself from my belly and spilled from my tongue, wild and unrestrained. I climbed out from beneath the rubble and let loose with my dragonfire, but the white dragon was already on the move, and my flames spilled onto the floor, useless.

No one would harm my mate. I would kill him. I would tear the dragon limb from limb and devour the pieces, just to make sure he was truly dead.

Sana, Cory’s voice said urgently. You must retreat. We must not harm the omega. He’s not in his right mind.

The omega will die! I snarled. I didn’t care who heard. As I spoke, I rushed forward to meet the white dragon, locking my claws with his in an attempt to tackle him to the ground. In a mess of wings and teeth, we tumbled together, fighting for dominance. I’ll kill him for what he’s done!

Get the hell out of that room right the fuck now, Sana! Blaze demanded. Killing yourself isn’t going to prove anything. We need you alive. Go!

The room was going up in flames. Sparks cascaded from the ceiling, adding fuel to our dragonfire. I bit the white dragon’s neck and crunched my jaw, puncturing his scales. He shrieked.

I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him to know all the pain he had caused me.

SANA! Cory shouted, and I knew it was time to go.

I let go of the white dragon’s neck and left him on the floor, rushing to Peter’s side instead. He was out cold, meaning that I’d have to carry him. With a dragon on our tails, I couldn’t transform back into a human and lift him in my arms—I’d have to transport him as a dragon instead.

With all the delicacy I could muster in such a high-pressure situation, I scooped Peter up in my arm and clutched him against my underbelly. I needed all four feet to run, but I had no other option. He was unconscious and unable to help himself, so putting him in my mouth was out of the question—he’d sink down onto one of my teeth and bleed to death. I’d have to hope that I could move fast enough on three legs to keep us safe.

I hurried across the room, fumbling as I struggled to adjust to moving on three feet. Behind me, I heard the white dragon recovering from the damage I’d done him. He would be in pursuit in seconds, I realized as I rushed down the hallway leading back to the staircase. I didn’t have much time to put distance between us.

A jet of fire shot past my shoulder, singeing my wing. I hissed but kept moving. The damage wasn’t serious. I could still fly.

Cory and Blaze had knocked out the doorway leading to the stairway, widening it enough for me to fit through.


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