Angels and the Bad Man (The Technomancer Novels Book 3) by M. K. Gibson

Angels and the Bad Man (The Technomancer Novels Book 3) by M. K. Gibson

Author:M. K. Gibson [Gibson, M. K.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Amber Cove Publishing
Published: 2018-01-06T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirty

I Can Smell You

In Flotsam Prison

Following the fall of man, during the rise of Hell, Vali killed.

He killed men for the evil they enacted upon other men.

He killed gods when they preyed upon mankind as a food source rather than uniting them in defiance.

He killed demons on principle, for the suffering they brought to man.

Save for his first kill, Vali never took the act of killing lightly. Hod was simply the instinctual response of a deity but one day old. However, from that moment onward, Vali saw his kills as necessity. Responsible acts that must be committed for the greater good.

But that did not alleviate the never-ending guilt.

The only way to keep his sanity was to divorce himself emotionally from the blood. To lock off that portion of his mind that would derive pleasure from the act of killing.

But at that moment, in that prison, thinking of the children . . . his mind unlocked. He was going to kill all of them.

And laugh while he did it.

As Vali pulled Tarnhelm down, his form faded away. Invisibly, he marched in time with his heartbeat, strong and steady. Silently, Vali moved through the rectangular tunnel that opened to something akin to a caged funnel. At the entrance was an open gate resembling a monstrous form of demon’s mouth. From the entrance, Vali could see the inner garden of the warden’s home.

A marble path beset with petrified trees led from a two-story marble home to a large pool of green water, as Yeela described. This was where the indoctrination started. Fitting this was where it would end, in this one almost beautiful place, nestled among the ugly cruelty of the gods’ forsaken island.

The garden was walled partially by the complex itself and an inferium-razor-wire-laced duranium fence on the one open side, which faced inland. Along the solid wall portions, Vali saw lookouts and snipers watching over the garden as well as any prisoner who would wander too close to the fence.

Kneeling down by the tunnel entrance, Vali could see two figures illuminated by floodlights as they walked down the marble path towards the fetid pool. One of the figures he recognized as Archbishop Maz’ael, the demon who fought alongside him against Abraxas.

That was sad. He did not hate Maz’ael, for a demon.

Maz towered over a shorter human man who wore a thick, black greatcoat with fur trim. While Maz blocked Vali’s complete view of the human, he could see the man seemed to be sick or injured. He limped along with a cane, and Vali could see that most of the man’s hair was burned away, replaced by ragged scar tissue. The two walked to the pool and stared into the dark green waters.

“How long do you think it will take to rebuild?” Maz asked.

“Not terribly long,” the human said. “Already the wall is near complete. Once the construction is complete, we will be ready to accept new prisoners.”

The human’s voice had a horrible scratching sound, as if he suffered from severe laryngitis, and there was a wet sucking sound to his words.


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