Barnaby Rudge (Oxford World's Classics) by Dickens Charles

Barnaby Rudge (Oxford World's Classics) by Dickens Charles

Author:Dickens, Charles [Dickens, Charles]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2003-06-12T00:00:00+00:00

“But this is a dull place, sir,” said Gabriel, lingering; “may no one share your watch?”

He shook his head, and so plainly evinced his wish to be alone, that Gabriel could say no more. In another moment the locksmith was standing in the street, whence he could see that the light once more travelled up-stairs, and soon returning to the room below, shone brightly through the chinks in the shutters.

If ever man were sorely puzzled and perplexed, the locksmith was, that night. Even when snugly seated by his own fireside, with Mrs. Varden opposite in a night-cap and night-jacket, and Dolly beside him (in a most distracting dishabille) curling her hair, and smiling as if she had never cried in all her life and never could—even then, with Toby at his elbow and his pipe in his mouth, and Miggs (but that perhaps was not much) falling asleep in the back-ground, he could not quite discard his wonder and uneasiness. So, in his dreams — still there was Mr. Haredale, haggard and careworn, listening in the solitary house to every sound that stirred, with the taper shining through the chinks until the day should turn it pale and end his lonely watching.


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