Darkening Moon by Gaja J. Kos

Darkening Moon by Gaja J. Kos

Author:Gaja J. Kos [Kos, Gaja J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Boris Kos


I followed Veles down to the kitchen in silence. There was really nothing left to say. I carried a piece of Afanasiy’s soul within me, for fuck’s sake. I shook my head and took a turn down yet another elegant red-and-black corridor, shoving the thought away with all my will.

It worked, although just barely. The mark was a ghostly weight on my arm, but once the lively chatter of everyone gathered around what seemed like a too small table drowned out my thoughts, it at least became bearable. I squeezed in between Nathaniel and Jens, while Veles claimed his seat beside Rose, Amaris scooting from her lap into his.

“Where did the two of you disappear to?” Jens drawled from behind his pitcher. “Little sis keeping secrets worthy only of the lord of the underworld?”

I punched him lightly in the shoulder, but was saved from having to figure out a comeback as Morana placed a plate of medium rare ribs before me. My mouth watered, the aroma enticing my senses until it was all I could do to not wolf the damn meal down in a single bite.

It was only the sheer absurdity of death herself serving me a meal that kept me in check. A baffled mind tended to overcome base instinct.

Morana smiled and brushed her white-and-black hair away from her face. “It looked like you could use a little something extra.”

It was then that I noticed that my share was far larger than even the twins’.

I grinned up at her and winked. “As long as this isn’t my last meal…”

“Don’t worry.” She chuckled, a melodic sound that reached all the way to my soul. “You have plenty left in you.”

Although not as many as my brothers.

Jens and Jürgen had been gifted immortality by the gods, and while a part of me was immensely glad old age or illness could never whisk them away, I was equally grateful my life span would be merely that of a werewolf.

A nice one, if Morana’s words came true.


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