Forever in Ink (Ink Series Book 4) by Jude Ouvrard

Forever in Ink (Ink Series Book 4) by Jude Ouvrard

Author:Jude Ouvrard [Ouvrard, Jude]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-19T16:00:00+00:00


We stayed in the bath, with our legs entwined, until the water turned cold. I would have endured the cold water if it meant staying with her like this. The curves of her body were a perfect fit against mine. Her skin was so soft against the palm of my hands. I believed something strong had started to build between us.

Helping her get dressed, we found every excuse possible to kiss and touch. Although the tension between us had grown palpable, I wasn’t an idiot. We couldn’t. I would treat her like a gentleman. I had given myself a goal to show her any way I could how good we were together. Yes, I still thought about Cassi, who I would always love, but I had come to terms with our story. I’d grieved her death for so long, but now I was starting to live again.

Something in the way Tiff looked at me and touched me, made me believe she loved me. That was enough. When I told her how I felt, her reaction pleased me. She’d blushed a beautiful shade of red while her eyes shined with happiness. Emotions didn’t have to be spoken with words. Tiffany would say them sooner or later.

Patience was all I needed.

“Are you tired? How are you feeling?” I asked guiding her to the couch; she was supposed to be resting, after all. Of course, I used the excuse to hold and love on every inch of her.

“Better. The bath helped. It would’ve been nice to wash my hair, though.”

The doctor had said to wait up to seventy-two hours before washing her hair. I was all for breaking rules, but not when they concerned her. “After tomorrow, we’ll wash your hair.”

“K?” The way she said my name without saying more caught my attention. “There’s something you said earlier, and it has me curious.”

“What about?” I’d said many things earlier, she’d have to be more specific.

“You said you had a secret…”

Right, I should have known she would ask about that. Closing my eyes, I tried to find the words which were about to be spoken. I had never talked about this with anyone. It’d been my deepest secret.

“Forget I asked about it, Kyle. I’m sorry,” Tiff mumbled when I didn’t start talking right away.

I shook my head. “No, Tiff, you have every right to ask. It’s just that I’ve never talked about this with anyone. It brings a lot of pain back, so I’m trying to figure out how to say it.”

“Is it about Cassidy?” Her hesitant voice told me she didn’t feel comfortable bringing my old lover up, and I didn’t like that. Whether we liked it or not, Cassi would always be a part of my past. She still filled a big part of my heart.

“Yes. I’m sorry to bring her up again.”

Tiff seemed surprised by my apology. “Don’t be sorry. I completely understand, and I can’t be jealous of her. I won’t lie, under different circumstances, I might be jealous of her but… oh, I’m rambling now.


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