Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011 by Brady Orand

Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011 by Brady Orand

Author:Brady Orand [Orand, Brady]
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Figure - Definitive Media Library

The Definitive Media Library is the “secure library in which the definitive authorized versions of all media CIs are stored and protected.” The DML may also contain associated components such as licenses and documentation regarding the media. The media in the DML is under the control of change management and is recorded in the configuration management system. The DML may be multiple locations, depending on the organization.

When a new release is being prepared, only media contained within the DML are to be used as part of the release. This ensures that the media components of that release are of sufficient quality.

The DML must be kept separate from development, test, and live environments. This prevents contamination of the media in the DML in the event any other environments were to become corrupted.

Definitive Spares (DS)

Definitive Spares involve providing secure storage areas of definitive hardware spares. These definitive storage areas maintain spare hardware components and assemblies, which are maintained at the same level as comparative systems in the live environment.

The DS ensure ease of implementation when new hardware is required or when components fail and require replacement. All hardware in the DS should be pre-configured to organizational standards to reduce the time it takes to provision this hardware. Implementing a DS helps to ensure standard hardware configurations are used throughout the organization when possible.


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