Geoffrey by Catherine Lievens

Geoffrey by Catherine Lievens

Author:Catherine Lievens [Lievens, Catherine]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Adult, GLBT, Gay, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter
ISBN: 9781487410278
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Published: 2017-03-24T05:00:00+00:00

* * * *

William waited, wondering what Geoffrey would do. He knew they needed to talk, but the past week had been terrible. William had answered three phone calls and made sure the kids who’d arrived in Gillham were safe. He’d had to deal with his mother, who was trying to convince him he needed to go help his father. She was scared for her husband, and William understood that, but there was no way he’d leave the pack. He still thought what his father was doing was stupid, and he wasn’t looking forward to the consequences.

“Want to go to your room and shift?” Geoffrey finally asked.

William didn’t particularly want to, so he shrugged. He liked being in his wolf form—everything was easier, less complicated. He didn’t have to talk, to explain what he thought of, to feel awkward. He wasn’t awkward when he was a wolf.

“I’ll take that as a no. Maybe it’s a good thing, because I have to talk to you and it’ll probably be easier if you can’t talk back.”

That couldn’t be a good thing. Was Geoffrey leaving? Was he rejecting William? William knew he hadn’t done much to endear himself to his mate. They hadn’t seen each other often since they’d met, and when they had, William had usually used Mingan as a way to avoid talking about anything that was deeper than how Mingan was doing and what they could eat for lunch.

William whined and plopped his chin onto Geoffrey’s lap. He looked up at his mate, wondering if he should shift and ask Geoffrey to give him another chance. Being with him couldn’t be awkward for the rest of their lives, right? William could learn to trust Geoffrey. They were mates.

But Colin had been his best friend, yet he’d betrayed him anyway. How was it any different? Fate didn’t have anything to do with William and Colin being together, not like it did with Geoffrey. But did it really change anything? Geoffrey was William’s soul mate, but it didn’t mean he was a good person, a trustworthy one.

William huffed, annoyed with himself. No one was trustworthy in his eyes, not anymore. He even had a hard time trusting Kameron, and Kameron was the alpha.

No, the only way William would ever get to trust Geoffrey would be to let go and just do it.

“I became friends with Justine recently,” Geoffrey said as he skimmed his fingertips over William’s sensitive ears.

William wondered who he was talking about. He was sure there were at least a few Justines in the pack, but he had no idea why Geoffrey was telling him about her. Unless he’d decided to be with her?

William whined, hoping he was being clear.

Geoffrey shook his head and scratched the top of William’s head. “You don’t know who I’m talking about, huh? I guess I should have imagined that. You probably never tried to find out what had happened to Colin when you were released.”

William’s entire body tensed and he jerked his head toward Geoffrey.


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