Golden Shears by Pelaam

Golden Shears by Pelaam

Author:Pelaam [Pelaam]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Four

Pita almost collided with him coming back inside as Eric tried to head out.

“I forgot to ask what kind of beer. What’s happening, bro?” Pita asked looking from one man to the other.

“Nothing. I just decided I need some fresh air. Now if you’ll excuse me?” Eric tried unsuccessfully to get around Pita

“Wait, wait, wait,” Pita said, holding up his hands and barring Eric’s way out. ‘This is my fault. Okay, bro? My fault. Entirely. Just sit there. Give me two minutes, and I’ll explain everything. I mean it,” Pita added and dropped his voice. “Don’t make me come after you.”

Feeling torn apart, his head spinning, Eric sat on the settee as far away from Justin as possible. He glanced over at him, and Eric’s heart ached. Justin sat on one of the chairs at the breakfast table, misery etched on his face.

Less than a minute passed and Pita returned with John and his wife. All three looked between Justin and Eric. With a ‘tut’, Hine headed over to Justin, hugging him and glowered at Eric.

“Right, okay. This is the thing,” Pita said. “This is New Zealand, bro, and the normal six degrees of separation don’t apply here. You know that. It’s much less. Justin did six months in the States, in the Napa Valley, working in a vineyard that I visited. We became great mates. He told me he was going to Oz to do at least six months in the Barossa Valley. So I met up with him there. He told me about you, and that he still loved you, but was worried about just turning up. You know, in case you didn’t feel the same?”

Eric blinked. Did he just say Justin loved me?

“Pita contacted me,” Hine said. “His mother is my cousin. He knew you always stayed here when competing in the Golden Shears competition. We knew we could set a watch by you for turning up each year. So when Pita contacted me and asked if we could play along by saying there was a double booking, I said ‘yes’. I’m a sucker for helping whanau and for happy endings.”

“I thought if we pretended to be a couple, we could see if you were jealous. The way I looked at it, if you didn’t love him you’d have answered the e-mails and texts. You only ignore someone like that for two reasons. You hate them, or you’re doing it because you think it’s best for them. Because you love them.” Pita shuffled from foot to foot. “I’m sorry it went wrong. Please don’t blame Justin. He wasn’t sure this was the best thing to do. But, well, I can be really persuasive when I put my mind to it.”

Eric sat for a moment digesting everything. The way everyone had worked to bring him and Justin together. Pita was right about the jealousy. About everything. He stood and faced Justin. “I’m still a farmer in Masterton.” He was surprised by the huskiness of his voice but continued on.


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