Haunted Tenor (Singers in Love Book 1) by Irene Vartanoff

Haunted Tenor (Singers in Love Book 1) by Irene Vartanoff

Author:Irene Vartanoff [Vartanoff, Irene]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-12-25T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 7

Minutes later, I found myself outside the building. I didn’t remember leaving. I wandered around the Lincoln Center fountain area, watching the last of the opera crowd hurry to the taxi line. Other people, mostly young ones, were hanging around the fountain. The plaza was very 1960s, all harsh architecture and cold stone, but also attractive because of its white marble in a dirty granite city. Romantic.

Not to me, not tonight. It was just barely possible that I had been mistaken in thinking that JC had ordered the ushers to escort me out before the final act. In theory, my desperate ticket exchange maneuver might have been unnecessary. But being barred from the backstage area was utterly clear. I had been put on the list of undesirables. By JC, obviously.

I could call Sean on my cell and complain, but he wasn’t the big influential star that JC was. I didn’t want to upset the balance of their friendship by making accusations. I settled for texting that I would meet Sean later at the uptown bar where he was having his opening night party.

Sean always threw parties. He didn’t like to wait for the fun to begin; he started it himself. His role debut at the Nat was an event worthy of celebrating. I had to show, and JC would not be able to control that if he attended. I wouldn’t willingly skip any other part of my brother’s big night. But I hated the thought that JC was likely furious at me all over again.

With a leaden heart, I left Lincoln Center and walked up Broadway to the bar Sean had designated. Typical of Manhattan, Sean’s apartment was too tiny for a party. Sean was definitely a party animal and I wondered where he’d gotten it from. Our parents never went out.

I took my time walking, knowing that Sean would be changing and dragging some people over from the Nat. What were the odds he’d bring JC? Fairly good. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad about that.

When I arrived at the bar, there already were some people I recognized as Sean’s friends. People who couldn’t stomach or afford an opera regardless of being his pals.

A stunning blonde came up to me. “Hi, I’m Sabrina. Welcome to Sean’s party.” I introduced myself and Sabrina directed me to the drinks. She was acting like the hostess, though I had never seen her before. Sean was a charmer, but she wouldn’t last. They never did. Many women became fascinated by singers, only to stomp off in a fury after being given second place to the singing career. Sean had already figured this one out and according to my mother had been playing the field since he finished college. How Mom knew, I did not ask. I armed myself with a glass of wine. This was going to be a tough scene if JC came.

Sean walked in with JC. No Abbie Fisher this time. The moment JC saw me he frowned.


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