Honeymoon With The Prince: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Brill Harper

Honeymoon With The Prince: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Brill Harper

Author:Brill Harper [Harper, Brill]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-06-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven


I can’t get enough of this woman. The sweet, mouth-watering taste I had of her pussy only makes me want more. She was so responsive to me, coming so hard and flooding my mouth with her intoxicating juices, I have to have more.

I make my way back down to where I need to be, sucking on her skin as I go.

She is languid with desire, spreading her thighs for me, welcoming my mouth. Her back arches, ready for me to taste her again. I part her swollen lips and lick as if I were starving. As if I hadn’t just made her come. Her body melts into me as my tongue pushes deeper into her slit, wetness flooding between her thighs and down my chin.

Again she arches her back, pulling my tongue in deeper. I become a man possessed, eating her sweet cunt, lapping at her feverishly. Her body begins to shake. “That’s it, angel. Come on my face again.”

“Oh…that sounds so dirty. So filthy…so oh, so good.”

I smile into her pussy. She’s the perfect partner for me. Making her want to be depraved is my goal. And I am succeeding. “Such a dirty girl. You fooled everyone, didn’t you? They all think you’re a good girl, but I knew. I knew right away what this little pussy needed, didn’t I?”

She screams in pleasure when I take her clit inside my mouth, sucking and tugging, as another orgasm rolls through her. She thrashes beneath me, and I do know what she needs.

My cock. Pumping inside her.

God knows I need it too.

All that training, and I’m going to take my princess on the floor next to our breakfast table? Conceive my first child on the carpet? When there is a perfectly good, large bed in the other room, too.

I steel my reserve. No. Not like this.

I roll off her, my breath heaving. I need a moment to compose myself. “Go, get in my bed,” I demand, used to getting my way and knowing she needs me to be in control in order for her to submit to her own desires. To my desires. Some women need to be control, and some, like Violet, need to be in submission in order to fully engage in passion.

“Hmm?” she says fuzzily, as if her brain is not connecting all the way. Good.

“Now, Violet. Go get in my bed before I take you like an animal on the floor.”

She scampers up and into the other room while I collect myself, breathing through the pain of my desire.

And then I follow.

She’s sitting on the bed, watching me warily. I take my time, lighting all the candles, letting her anticipation build. I pull the honeymoon chest out and open it slowly, watching all the thoughts flit across her face in succession.

I don’t put any music on. I want to hear every rasp of her breath, gasps, and moans.

I kneel in front of her, wanting her to feel my reverence. “Your body is my playground now. I am going to do whatever I want to you.


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