Hunted (Collapse Book 2) by Riley Flynn

Hunted (Collapse Book 2) by Riley Flynn

Author:Riley Flynn [Flynn, Riley]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Syndicate Press
Published: 2018-06-03T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 21

“You really think this is the best place to be right now?” Timmy spread the sleeping bags and blankets across the bales.

“They’ve already checked it,” Alex explained, helping his friend. “They won’t be back here. Just don’t start any more fires.”

Back in the barn, Cam took the first watch.

After he’d recounted the entire episode with Root and Byrne, Alex had listened to the story of the woman who had attacked his friends. She had burst out of the trees once Cam had stopped the car, waving her gun around. All Timmy had been able to do was send a message, a quick plea for help. She’d cut him off.

No one knew who the woman was. Someone related to the owner of the farm, Joan said. She had a personal stake. A quest for vengeance. She knew about the men in the Cadillac. She knew more than she was prepared to answer. And now she was out there, in the night, alone. Unarmed.

The decision to sleep in the barn had belonged to Alex. He took responsibility. They weren’t going anywhere else until daybreak and it was the most secure place around. Still, more and more questions hung over the farm but everyone was too tired to talk. Too tired to make plans, too tired to examine all the tiny details. But the questions remained.

Who were the men?

Alex lay with his eyes closed, trying to force himself to sleep. He couldn’t tear his mind away from the days ahead. And it was days, not hours. They were travelling carefully now. This wasn’t ripping it up to Detroit with a broken heart and a full tank of gas. They rode heavy. They rode careful. That was all they could do.

He pushed all the thoughts from his mind. Driving them out, chasing them away. Every time he nearly dropped into a slumber, however, there they were. The two men creeping in through the door. Their faces. Their words. They wouldn’t leave.

Eventually, exhausted, Alex forced them out of his head. And then, finally, he fell asleep.


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