Kiss Me, Judas by Christopher Will Baer

Kiss Me, Judas by Christopher Will Baer

Author:Christopher Will Baer
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Romance
ISBN: 9781931561808
Published: 1999-01-02T10:00:00+00:00


Jude is hungry. She tries to talk me into having breakfast but the shot has settled into my muscles and blood, my bone structure. I am happy to watch shadows race across the floor. And I’m in no mood to see Isabel and Henry. The speedboat salesman, I say. Whoever the fuck he is. I’m bored with his game.

Jude sighs. You are so innocent, aren’t you.

Bring me a piece of bread, maybe some fruit.

Okay, she says. But don’t wander off without me. I don’t want you to get lost again.

Don’t worry. I’m safe as a bug in a glass.

This makes me giggle foolishly and Jude shrugs. She takes the blood-soiled sheets to leave elsewhere and I hear a massive click as she locks the door behind her. This isn’t like any Valium I ever had. My sensory perception is ridiculously heightened and I feel shifting waves of ecstasy and paranoia. I can’t say I don’t like it. I watch as silent rushing trees and slabs of rock and yawning open space blur behind the window. If I listen carefully I can hear unseen animals breathing and chirping, scratching and chewing. I can even hear the sun. It sounds like a jet taking off in the middle of the night. I stare at my hands for five minutes and I see endless scars and wrinkled, discolored flesh and there is a taste like chrome in my throat. An inhuman voice invades my head and I tell myself it is only the conductor, he’s telling me the train will be stopping shortly in Las Vegas. I laugh out loud and clap my hands like a monkey because I want to get off the train.

But I’m not going anywhere without the little green icebox. It’s still locked in the complimentary storage compartment, a little white cupboard made of brightly painted plywood. The lock is flimsy, the kind that takes a miniature key. I’m sure Jude could pick it with a paper clip, with her eyebrow tweezers. But I was never any good at that. I use my knife to pry one hinge, but the other won’t give. I manage to slide my fingers into a tiny gap and with strength that surprises me simply rip the door apart.

The icebox is maddeningly weightless, as always. She told me it was packed in dry ice and I believed her. But I can’t help thinking the ice has melted and my kidney is wrapped in aluminum foil like a ham sandwich; it’s floating around in there with a few cans of beer and a piece of pie.

I’m suddenly nervous about metal detectors and I drop my knife and gun on the bed. I still have Jude’s little stun gun. It’s graphite and plastic and it looks so harmless, like a toy.

I drift along the passageway, mumbling and schizophrenic. The train is so still, so silent. The constant motion was sickening but now it’s gone and I feel lost. Isabel comes toward me, her yellow eyes bright.


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