Murder at Metrolina by Kate Merrill

Murder at Metrolina by Kate Merrill

Author:Kate Merrill [Kate Merrill]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781594935329
Publisher: Bella Books
Published: 2017-03-06T08:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Four

Lena Akim…

They blinked at one another and at the slammed door.

“Well, that was rude. I’ll ring again,” Ginny said.

Before Amanda could stop her, the Westminster chimes echoed and the door flew open, this time with considerable force.

“What can I do to make you go away?” The beautiful black woman released the guard chain, but blocked their entry with arms crossed.

Amanda decided to beg. “Wait, I’m a friend of Sara’s. We work together at Metrolina, and I’m really worried about her.”

After a moment of intense scrutiny, the roommate stepped aside. “Okay, I am really worried about her too. Please come in.”

At second glance, the woman was even more enchanting than Amanda first realized. Being a tall woman herself, she estimated the stranger just topped six feet, and she moved with the grace of a leopard. She wore a flowing orange and brown patterned dashiki which enhanced her honeyed, mixed-race skin tones, and her shiny dark curls were banded into an unruly ponytail. Her erect stature and slim build reminded Amanda of pictures she had seen of Maasai warriors, yet the strength this woman projected was purely female. In short, she was more suited to a high fashion runway than a suburban living room.

Her long feet were bare as she glided across the dark hardwood floors, so Amanda removed her sandals and Ginny stepped out of her clogs. It seemed the right thing to do. They trailed her through the airy open interior to a black granite bar with a kitchen beyond. The visitors stopped at the bar while their hostess continued to the stove, where a red enamel teapot whistled.

“So who are you?” she bluntly asked. “Yesterday afternoon I had wall-to-wall policemen, and reporters at night.”

Amanda quickly introduced herself and Ginny, along with a quick recap of why she was worried about Sara. Once she started talking, she couldn’t seem to stop. She even told the roommate about Sara’s fight with Ben, until Ginny gave her T-shirt tail a rough tug, warning her to shut up. But Amanda couldn’t help herself. Something about the woman’s eyes drew her into their fast amber current, until that river turned dark and stormy when she mentioned the fight.

“So, is Sara here?” Amanda finished.

“Do you see her anywhere?” the roommate snidely asked.

Unless Sara was hiding under a bed or in a closet, she was not in the house. Amanda gave the roommate a dirty look.

“I am Lena Akim, by the way, Sara’s housemate. Would you care for some tea?”

“Yes, please.” Ginny jabbed Amanda in the ribs with her elbow. “We would both like tea, right, Mandy?”

Amanda nodded as she marveled at Lena Akim’s cool. If a housemate of Amanda’s had been punched in the eye and was a murder suspect, she’d be bouncing off the walls. “I’m sorry about the cops and the reporters, but have you seen Sara at all since the incident?”

Lena held up her hand, indicating that all conversation must stop until she’d completed the tea ceremony, which she accomplished calmly and elegantly.


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