Psychic Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 3 (Hunt&Cam4Ever Book 5) by Adira August

Psychic Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 3 (Hunt&Cam4Ever Book 5) by Adira August

Author:Adira August [August, Adira]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: RedDeer
Published: 2018-06-14T16:00:00+00:00

11:30am - Case Meeting 2

* * *

“So you talked to Asher Gamble?” Natani demanded of Twee, after she’d explained everything they did with Deputy Wes and going to Houston’s. Natani couldn’t believe how fast this case was going south. Civilian personnel were not allowed to interrogate suspects or witnesses.

“Mike said he had to at least contact him and his grandfather. He said it’d work better if it was me. You know, ‘cause I’m a girl and little and lisp and everything. Nonthreatening.”

“What was the pretext?” Hunt asked her.

“Identifying the body,” she said. “That’s my purview, so it was okay as long as I stuck to that.”

“Smart,” Hunter said. “Did you show him a picture?”

She shook her head quickly, her curls bouncing. “Nooooo. I wouldn’t show a child something from the crime scene. Gordi said he’d get us a nice one before he peels the face off.”

Cam’s lips pressed, but he did not run for the bathroom to vomit. Months of listening to crime scene talk was deadening his squeamishness.

“How did you know to go to Morganfeld’s at all?”

“Houston’s house is upslope from all the others. Seems like one of her hot tub boys is a big fan of Cam’s,” she said, looking at him. “This case seems to have a lot of your fans.”

He shrugged.

“He watches for you. Saw you talking to Asher. Mike wanted to use it as a pretext to get you alibied by two witnesses.”

“Just me? Not the lieutenant?”

“Especially the lieutenant,” she answered. “The hot tub brigade didn’t identify him, just gave a description. I really think”—she turned to Hunter and Natani— “he wanted me to keep Asher busy while he talked to the old man.”

Hunt and Cam exchanged a look. “And how’d that go over?”

“Fine,” she shrugged. “Mike got Caden to lead him out of the room, like it was his idea. But all he wanted to talk about was Asher. I guess Mike let him. Said Asher was so strange when he was a kid he’d had the boy committed to Table Mountain Center for a while after his father died.”

Hunter frowned. “He was ten. His own grandfather put him in a mental ward?”

“TMC isn’t exactly Cuckoo’s Nest,” Cam said.

“It’s for rich people, mostly,” Natani said. “And it’s supposed to have an exceptional pediatric department.” She looked at Cam. “Who paid? The handyman grandfather couldn’t afford it.”

“Morganfeld,” Cam told her. “Seems to be quite the philanthropist.”

“I wanted to meet him so much!” Twee pouted. “Never saw him.”

“What did you get from Asher?” Hunter asked. “Any help at all with identification?”

“Not really. He described Jason Furney as”—she consulted a note—“a skinny old guy with gray hair and wire rim glasses.” She looked up. “I guess Asher would meet him Sunday mornings by that jogging path. Supposedly, Jason said he should skip school Wednesday and come to the meeting place. Maybe you scared him off.”

“So Asher wasn’t waiting for us,” Cam said.

“Wire-rims like the ones you found on the body?” Hunt asked.

“Yup. Still on his face and everything.


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