Ring (01): Ring by Suzuki Koji

Ring (01): Ring by Suzuki Koji

Author:Suzuki, Koji [Suzuki, Koji]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Japan, Novel, Translated
ISBN: 9780007235247
Google: XQAww0hRR8MC
Publisher: Vertical
Published: 2004-01-15T02:00:00+00:00

"The next column says 'real' or 'abstract.' What's that?"

"Broadly speaking, we can divide the twelve scenes into these two categories. The abstract scenes, the ones like images in the mind, what I suppose we could almost call mental landscapes. And the real ones, scenes of things that really exist, that you could actually look at with your eyes. That's how I divided them up."

Here Ryuji paused for a second.

"Now, look at the chart. Notice anything?"

"Well, your black curtain only comes down on the 'real' scenes."

"Right. That's absolutely right. Keep that in mind."

"Ryuji, this is getting annoying. Hurry up and tell me what you're driving at. What does this mean?"

"Now, now, hold your horses. Sometimes when one is given the answers up front it dulls one's intuition. My intuition has already led me to a conclusion. And now that I have that in mind, I'll twist any phenomenon to rationalize holding onto that conclusion. It's like that in criminal investigations, too, isn't it? Once you get the notion that he's the guy, it suddenly seems like all the evidence agrees with you. See, we can't afford to wander off the track here. I need you to back up my conclusion. That is, I want to see, once you've taken a look at the evidence, if your intuition tells you the same thing mine told me."

"Okay, okay. Get on with it."

"Alright: the black curtain only appears when the screen is showing real landscapes. We've established that. Now, cast your mind back on the sensations you felt the first time you saw these images. We discussed the scene with the infant yesterday. Anything besides that? What about the scene with all the faces?"

Ryuji used the remote to find the scene. "Take a good, long look at those faces."

The wall of dozens of faces slowly retreated, the number swelling into the hundreds, the thousands. When he looked closely at them, each one seemed different, just like real faces.

"How does this make you feel?" Ryuji asked.

"Like somehow I'm the one being reproached. Like they're calling me a liar, a fraud."

"Right. As it happens, I felt the same thing- or, at least, what I felt was very similar to the sensation you're describing."

Asakawa tried to concentrate his nerves on where this fact led. Ryuji was awaiting a clear response.

"Well?" asked Ryuji again.

Asakawa shook his head. "It's no good. I've got nothing."

"Well, if you had the leisure to spend more time thinking about it, you might notice the same thing I did. See, both of us have been thinking that these images were captured by a TV camera, in other words by a machine with a lens. No?"

"They weren't?"

"Well, what's this black curtain that momentarily covers the screen?"

Ryuji advanced the film frame by frame until the screen went black. It stayed black for three or four frames. If you calculated one frame at a thirtieth of a second, then the darkness lasted for about a tenth of a second.

"Why does this happen in the real scenes and not the imagined ones? Look more closely at the screen.


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