Sell Without Selling by Terri Levine

Sell Without Selling by Terri Levine

Author:Terri Levine
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 2008-02-10T16:00:00+00:00

By the time she was ready for bed, Christina had managed to get her hand to the point where it was no longer itching her although her skin was still red and sore from where the face crème had been. That was the last time that she was going to trust Uncle Vinnie, she decided. When was she going to learn that the man wasn’t ever going to do the right thing?

She was still thinking about Uncle Vinnie when she dozed off and found herself back in The Jungle. She saw Bird sitting on a tree branch, as if waiting for her, and Christina smiled. “Hello, Bird.”

“Hello, Christina,” Bird trilled, landing on her shoulder.

Christina started to walk down the path, and she recognized it as the one that led to the clearing where Snake was always at work. She wasn’t surprised to find Snake there along with Warthog. Nearby, Cougar seemed to be taking an afternoon nap, but Christina was focused on Snake. At the moment, he was weaving back and forth, speaking in a plaintive tone to Warthog, “But you have to have the right ingredients in order to fly, Warthog. Don’t you want to fly?”

Warthog shook his head. “No.”

“Why not? Why don’t you want to be the first flying warthog? Think of it, you soaring through the clouds, everyone watching you and cheering?”

Christina looked at Bird. “Why doesn’t Snake just give up?” she asked.

Bird sighed. “Snake is persistent, and while that can be an admirable trait for a sales animal, he never has a good product. He thinks that he can keep on picking and picking and picking at someone until they just give up and then sells them something of little or no value.”

“It doesn’t sound like Warthog is going to give-in this time though.”

Bird chuckled. “No, it doesn’t. And that means that Snake is going to have to go out there and find someone else that he can trick.”

“When will he learn that’s not the way to do things?”

“With Snake, there’s no telling. It’s possible that he’s never going to learn.”

At that moment, Snake came slithering over to them. He looked at Christina for a moment then turned his attention to Bird. “Hey, Bird, don’t you ever get tired of flying around in the sky all the time? Don’t you ever wish that you could just take it easy and try something else?”

“Like what, Snake?” Bird asked.

“I was thinking that you might want to be in the water once in a while. You could be under the water, swimming around with fishes, and they’d all be looking at you and thinking, ‘That’s Bird, but he’s with us fishes. He’s truly the greatest bird in the whole world.’ That’s what they’d be thinking, Bird.”

“I don’t want to be in the water, Snake. I like flying. It’s what I do—because Bird is who I am.”

Snake looked at Christina. “What about you, Girl? Isn’t there something that you want that you can’t have? I can give it to you, you know.


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