The Complete Secrets Series by LK Shaw

The Complete Secrets Series by LK Shaw

Author:LK Shaw [Shaw, LK]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-04-20T16:00:00+00:00


“Who was it?” Miles looked up at me, his head on my lap. He didn’t have to explain what he was asking. I knew. “Help me to understand how you can possibly not feel guilty about what you did.”

I’d been waiting for this question ever since I confessed. I knew it would only be a matter of time before Miles asked me. My eyes focused on the wall across from me, and my mind went back to the day Casey came home from the hospital after my mom gave birth.

“When I was five, my sister Casey was born. I adored her and treated her like my own baby. My mother was like a ghost in our house. I didn’t understand why until I got a little older, but she was a mouse. A doorstop. Someone for my dad to bully and abuse. She spent most of her time locked away in her room. Which meant I practically raised Casey. We did everything together. I was the one who took her to soccer practice, piano recital, birthday parties. I was the one who kissed her skinned knees. She told me all her secrets. Shortly after she turned thirteen, I noticed a change in her. She became sullen, and her grades began to drop. She would wear the same clothes for days until I made her change then. But, she refused to tell me what was wrong. She would get angry and scream at me. Then, she’d run to her room and slam it closed, effectively shutting me out. Finally, I stopped asking because it only led to her continued silence and my frustration. Then, I went off to college.”

I paused in my recitation as I remembered how much Casey had cried when I left. Looking back, I should have realized her grief was more than just missing her older sister. Grief consumed her and almost swallowed her whole. She had become a shell of her former self. Someone I no longer recognized had replaced the laughing, goofy, little girl who always had a smile on her face.

“I came home a day early for break during my freshman year at college. The house seemed empty, which was unusual. I’d just shut the front door when I heard noises coming from upstairs. I followed them to Casey’s room. Even though I knew what I’d find, I couldn’t believe my eyes. If things hadn’t happened so quickly, I would have sworn I’d blacked out for a moment, because my vision darkened and a buzzing sounded in my ears. There, right in front of me, was some mother fucker raping my sister. My baby sister, Miles. That is why I have zero regrets about killing that piece of fucking shit.”

“I’m so sorry, Josephine. I can’t even imagine how horrifying that was for you.”

A self-deprecating laugh escaped before I could stop it. “The worst thing was that it wasn’t the first time. It had been going on long before I left for school, which was why Casey had changed so much.


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