The Cowboy and the Unicorn (Hogar Haven Book 1) by Gansen Kristyn

The Cowboy and the Unicorn (Hogar Haven Book 1) by Gansen Kristyn

Author:Gansen, Kristyn [Gansen, Kristyn]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Gansen Media
Published: 2017-10-25T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 6

It didn’t take Micah long to realize that Mark was physically exhausted and more than anything just needed a break from trying to wrangle the unicorn.

“You sit down for a minute,” Micah said. “We will hold her for you.”

After he handed the rope to the children, the cowboy sat down on a rock and reached for his saddlebag. Pulling out a canteen, Mark took a long drink of water. He smacked his lips and recapped the bottle. Again, he reached into his bag and this time pulled out a sandwich.

Watching him gave Micah an idea.

“Do you have any other food in there?” Micah asked. “Perhaps a carrot or an apple?”

“Yeah, carrots,” the cowboy said.

“I’ve got an idea,” Micah said. “What if we try to calm the unicorn with a carrot stick, just like they do in the cartoons we watch on Saturday mornings. Do you think that would work?”

“Kid, at this point, anything is worth a shot,” Mark said desperately. “Have at it.”

Micah handed the rope to Sarah, walked toward the cowboy, and reached into the pack, pulling out two huge carrots for the unicorn.

Once he found what he was looking for, Micah headed back toward the unicorn, and the unicorn calmed almost instantly.

“It’s as if she knew I was bringing this food over here just for her,” Micah said.

Micah held the carrot out in front of the unicorn and slowly began to inch backward, heading in the direction of the bridge.

“I see what you’re doing! If we can get her to calmly follow us back to the cave, maybe we can get out of here,” Sarah said.

Micah nodded, but not before a horrible, ear-shattering sound started all around them. It sounded like cicadas, only much louder, much closer, and much more menacing. Sarah could feel the noise vibrating throughout her body, right down to her bones.

“What is that?” Sarah asked, covering one ear with her hands and pressing her other ear into her shoulder. When that didn’t work, she raised the hand with the rope to her other ear.

“I have no idea,” Micah said, but I think we should get out of here. He looked toward Mark. “Do you think she will follow me if I run with this carrot?”

“There’s no telling, but right now I think it’s worth a shot!” the cowboy screamed.

At just that moment, a puff of smoke appeared on top of one of the short trees. When the smoke cleared, Sarah, Micah, and Mark were greeted by a small creature with green-gray skin, a huge forehead, and pointy ears. His teeth were sharp, and his nose was tiny, but his beady little eyes stuck out more than any of his other facial features.

“Well, hello there,” the goblin said. He tented his fingers and leaned forward at the waist, reaching his body toward Micah and the carrot. “I’ve been watching you children since you came into my forest. I hope you’re enjoying your time here.”

Micah gulped and swallowed. Sarah covered her eyes with her hands but split her fingers so should could peek at the goblin.


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